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Commentator Information
Ilya Veselov
March 9, 2002 (2002-03-09) (age 18)
World Esports Ladder
Common Role:

Ilya "SHEYDON" Veselov (born March 9, 2002) is a Russian (city of Podporozhye) Caster for Valorant.

Almost from the first days of Valorant's release, he began to play the game from the first day of the CBT, after receiving the first experience he created organization in August 12, 2020 called "WEL" who is engaged on this day to cover and host Valorant / CS:GO / Dota 2 events. Has experience in commenting on CS:GO and DOTA 2 from 2018.

Notable Events[edit]

Date Tier Tournament Position Partner List
2020-11-29 A4C-Tier German Summit Russian Commentator
2020-11-06 A4C-Tier Polish Esport Cup 2 - Round 2 Commentator
2020-10-18 A4C-Tier FSL FSL Valorant Open IV Russian Commentator
2020-10-18 A4C-Tier Valorant Challenge Valorant Challenge 2 Commentator None
2020-10-11 A3B-Tier GLX Elite GLX Elite: EU Сommentator
2020-10-11 A4C-Tier TOURSTAT Summer Clash Commentator
2020-09-20 A4C-Tier FSL FSL Valorant Open III Russian Commentator
2020-09-13 A4C-Tier Rivals Rivals Contenders Russian Commentator
2020-08-30 A8Showm. Season 3 GO2DEN Kill The Boss Season 3 Commentator
2020-08-29 A4C-Tier eRena Valorant Invitational Commentator
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