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Agents Information
Release Date:
Shock Bolt
Owl Drone
Signature Ability:
Recon Bolt
Hunter's Fury

Sova is a VALORANT agent, who specializes in scouting and reconnaisance. Sova's entire kit is built around finding the enemies and marking them for his allies. Owl Drone and Recon Bolt are a single target and AoE scanners, respectively. Sova's ultimate, Hunter's Fury, is a map-wide damaging ability that also marks enemies it hits. Teams that like to rely on complete information on enemies' movements and positioning will want to have a Sova in their ranks.


Owl Drone
Ability: Basic

Fuel duration: 10s

Cost: Creds 400
Max Charges: 1
Equip an owl drone.
Fire to deploy and take control of movement of the drone. While in control of the drone, Fire to shoot a marking dart. This dart will reveal the location of any player struck by the dart.
Shock Bolt
Ability: Basic
Cost: Creds 150
Max Charges: 2
Equip a bow with a shock bolt. Fire to send the explosive bolt forward, detonating upon collision and damaging players nearby.
Hold fire to extend the range of the projectile.
Alternate fire to add up to two bounces to this arrow.
Damage Range:
 14 to 90
Recon Bolt
Ability: Signature

Duration: 5s

Cost: Creds Free (40s Cooldown)
Max Charges: 1
Equip a bow with recon bolt.
Fire to send the recon bolt forward, activating upon collision and revealing the location of nearby enemies caught in the line of sight of the bolt. Enemies can destroy this bolt. The bolt will scan 3 times before breaking with 1 second between each scan.
Hold fire to extend the range of the projectile.
Alternate fire to add up to two bounces to this arrow.
Hunter's Fury
Ability: Ultimate

Ult duration: 6.5s

Ultimate Cost: 8
Equip a bow with three long-range, wall-piercing energy blasts.
FIRE to release an energy blast in a line in front of Sova. Dealing damage and revealing the location of enemies caught in the line.
This ability can be Re-used up to two more times while the ability timer is active.

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Nerf Recon boolt cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40
  • Nerf Owl Drone price increased 300 >>> 400
  • Nerf Shock Bolt price increased 100 >>> 150
  • Nerf Hunter's Fury ultimate cost changed from 7 to 8 ult points
  • Bug Fix Updated the physics on Sova’s cape so that it should wiggle outside his hitbox less frequently
  • Bug Fix Polish work on Sova’s 1P hands to bring them up to the fidelity bar of the rest of our agents
  • Bug Fix Fixed issue causing Sova’s Owl Drone to rotate slower
  • Rework Sova's Owl Drone now includes a layer of sound for engine rotors
  • Bug Fix Fixed multiple spots where Sova’s Recon Dart could over-penetrate map geometry

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