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The Guard

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[e][h]The Guard
Team Information
In-Game Leader:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Upcoming Matches
TGRD The Guard
Oxygen Esports OXG
March 24, 2023 - 23:30 UTC
Upcoming Tournaments
VALORANT Challengers 2023: North America Face Off
Mar 22 - 31

The Guard is an American organization formed by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment to represent their esports brand.



Player Roster[edit]


Active SquadActive Squad
IDNameJoin Date
United States valyn Captain
Jacob Batio
Join Date: 
2021-11-05 [1] [13] [21]
United States neT
Michael Bernet
Join Date: 
2021-11-05 [1] [14] [21]
Canada JonahP
Jonah Pulice
Join Date: 
2021-12-13 [4] [16] [21]
United States trent
Trent Cairns
Join Date: 
2022-01-17 [6]
United States tex
Ian Botsch
Join Date: 
2023-01-09 [21]


Former PlayersFormer Players
IDNameJoin DateInactive DateLeave DateNew Team
United States psalm
Harrison Chang
Join Date: 
2021-11-05 [1]
Inactive Date: 
2022-01-17 [6]
Leave Date: 
2022-10-25 [20]
South Korea Sayaplayer
Ha Jung-woo
Join Date: 
2021-12-14 [5]
Inactive Date: 
2022-09-21 [17]
Leave Date: 
2022-10-22 [19]
T1T1 T1



ID Name Position Join Date
South Korea Seowulf Myungjun Seo Team Manager 2021-11-22 [3]
United States JoshRT Josh Lee Head Coach 2023-01-09 [21]
South Korea vkimm Violet Streamer 2022-07-21 [8]
United States P0PPIN Streamer 2022-09-01 [12]
United States Slastt Streamer 2022-09-01 [12]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Inactive Date Leave Date New Organization
United States mCe Matthew Elmore Coach 2021-11-12 [2] 2022-09-21 [15] 2022-10-17 [18] Cloud9 Cloud9 (Head Coach)
Serbia qpert Mateja Mijovic Assistant Coach 2022-07-26 [9] 2022-08-29 [11] Team Liquid Team Liquid (Analyst)
United States PROD Connor Moran Streamer 2022-03-23 [7] 2022-08-02 [10]



Historical Logos[edit]


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