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VCT 2021 - Brazil Circuit Point Standings

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Brazil Standings[edit]

Total Points
1.NewTeam VikingsTeam Vikings Team Vikings100100
2.NewGamelanders BlueGamelanders Blue Gamelanders Blue7070
3.NewFURIA EsportsFURIA Esports FURIA Esports4545
3.NewNOORG 2.0NOORG 2.0 NOORG 2.04545
5.NewExtenzy GamingExtenzy Gaming Extenzy Gaming2020
5.NewSharks EsportsSharks Esports Sharks Esports2020
5.NewVoraxVorax Vorax2020
9.NewHavan LibertyHavan Liberty Havan Liberty0-
9.NewINGAMING EsportsINGAMING Esports INGAMING Esports0-
9.NewJaguares EsportsJaguares Esports Jaguares Esports0-
9.NewKeyd StarsKeyd Stars Keyd Stars0-
9.NewStars HorizonStars Horizon Stars Horizon0-
1.-Team VikingsTeam Vikings Team Vikings3001000200
2.▲ 3Sharks EsportsSharks Esports Sharks Esports170200150
3.▼ 1Gamelanders BlueGamelanders Blue Gamelanders Blue957025-
4.▼ 1FURIA EsportsFURIA Esports FURIA Esports854540-
5.▼ 2NOORG 2.0NOORG 2.0 NOORG 2.0654520-
7.▲ 2Havan LibertyHavan Liberty Havan Liberty35-35-
8.▲ 1INGAMING EsportsINGAMING Esports INGAMING Esports25-25-
9.▼ 4Extenzy GamingExtenzy Gaming Extenzy Gaming2020--
9.▼ 4VoraxVorax Vorax2020--
11.▼ 2Jaguares EsportsJaguares Esports Jaguares Esports0---
11.▼ 2Keyd StarsKeyd Stars Keyd Stars0---
11.▼ 2Stars HorizonStars Horizon Stars Horizon0---
1.-Team VikingsTeam Vikings Team Vikings350100020050-
2.▲ 9Keyd StarsKeyd Stars Keyd Stars225---0225
3.▼ 1Sharks EsportsSharks Esports Sharks Esports21520015045-
4.▲ 3Havan LibertyHavan Liberty Havan Liberty210-35-0175
5.▼ 1FURIA EsportsFURIA Esports FURIA Esports1454540-60-
6.▼ 3Gamelanders BlueGamelanders Blue Gamelanders Blue1357025-40-
7.▼ 2NOORG 2.0NOORG 2.0 NOORG 2.0654520---
8.▲ 3Stars HorizonStars Horizon Stars Horizon45---45-
9.▲ 2Jaguares EsportsJaguares Esports Jaguares Esports40---40-
9.▼ 3SLICKSLICK SLICK402020---
11.▼ 3INGAMING EsportsINGAMING Esports INGAMING Esports25-25---
12.▼ 3Extenzy GamingExtenzy Gaming Extenzy Gaming2020----
12.▼ 3VoraxVorax Vorax2020----

Roster Changes[edit]

For News and Roster Changes Click here.

1 May 15th - paiN Gaming release their roster.[1] Three out of the five players reform under NOORG 2.0.[2]
2 May 14th - Imperial Esports disbands.[3] Three out of the five players are signed by Extenzy Gaming.[4]
3 May 20th - The Vorax organization fuses with Havan Liberty, making them unable to compete in VALORANT.[5]


Qualified to Champions
Qualified to Last Chance Qualifier
Did not qualify
Minimum Secured Points
Tournament Points
# Applicable Tournament A11st A22nd A3A43rd - 4th A5A85th - 8th
1 VALORANT Champions Tour/2021 Masters 1 - BR 100 70 45 20
Tournament Points
# Applicable Tournament A11st A22nd A33rd A44th A5A65th - 6th A7A87th - 8th A9B19th - 10th
1 VALORANT Champions Tour/2021 Challengers Finals 2 40 35 25 20 N/A
2 VALORANT Champions Tour/2021 Masters 2 - Reykjavík 400 350 300 250 200 175 150
Tournament Points
# Applicable Tournament A11st A22nd A33rd A44th A5A65th - 6th A7A87th - 8th A9B39th - 12th B4B713th - 16th
1 VALORANT Champions Tour/2021 Challengers Playoffs 3 60 50 45 40 N/A N/A
2 VALORANT Champions Tour/2021 Masters 3 - Berlin 375 325 325 275 275 225 175


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