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Active abilities need to be casted manually and are the most common abilities in Warcraft 3.
Autocast abilities behave like active abilities as long as they are turned off.

Active Abilities[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Alchemist Acid Bomb
Alchemist Chemical Rage
Alchemist Transmute
Archmage Summon Water Elemental
Beastmaster Summon Bear
Beastmaster Summon Hawk
Beastmaster Summon Quilbeast
Blademaster Bladestorm
Blademaster Mirror Image
Blademaster Wind Walk
Blood Mage Banish
Blood Mage Phoenix
Crypt Lord Impale
Crypt Lord Locust Swarm
Dark Ranger Charm
Dark Ranger Silence
Death Knight Animate Dead
Death Knight Death Coil
Death Knight Death Pact
Demon Hunter Mana Burn
Demon Hunter Metamorphosis
Dreadlord Carrion Swarm
Dreadlord Inferno
Dreadlord Sleep
Far Seer Chain Lightning
Far Seer Far Sight
Far Seer Feral Spirit
Firelord Soul Burn
Firelord Summon Lava Spawn
Keeper of the Grove Entangling Roots
Keeper of the Grove Force of Nature
Lich Dark Ritual
Lich Frost Nova
Mountain King Avatar
Mountain King Storm Bolt
Mountain King Thunder Clap
Naga Sea Witch Forked Lightning
Paladin Divine Shield
Paladin Holy Light
Paladin Resurrection
Pandaren Brewmaster Breath of Fire
Pandaren Brewmaster Drunken Haze
Pandaren Brewmaster Storm, Earth, And Fire
Pit Lord Doom
Pit Lord Howl of Terror
Priestess of the Moon Hide
Priestess of the Moon Scout
Shadow Hunter Healing Wave
Shadow Hunter Hex
Shadow Hunter Serpent Ward
Tauren Chieftain Shockwave
Tauren Chieftain War Stomp
Tinker Cluster Rockets
Tinker Pocket Factory
Tinker Robo-Goblin
Warden Blink
Warden Fan of Knives
Warden Hide
Warden Shadow Strike
Warden Vengeance
Human Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Militia Back to Work
Mortar Team Flare
Peasant Call to Arms
Peasant Gather
Priest Dispel Magic
Sorceress Invisibility
Sorceress Polymorph
Spell Breaker Control Magic
Orc Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Kodo Beast Devour
Peon Gather
Raider Ensnare
Shaman Lightning Shield
Shaman Purge
Spirit Walker Ancestral Spirit
Spirit Walker Disenchant
Spirit Walker Ethereal Form
Spirit Walker Spirit Link
Troll Batrider Unstable Concoction
Troll Berserker Berserk
Witch Doctor Healing Ward
Witch Doctor Sentry Ward
Witch Doctor Stasis Trap Ward
Undead Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Acolyte Gather
Acolyte Sacrifice
Acolyte Unsummon Building
Banshee Anti-magic Shell
Carrion Beetle (Level 2) Burrow
Carrion Beetle (Level 3) Burrow
Crypt Fiend Burrow
Destroyer Absorb Mana
Destroyer Devour Magic
Gargoyle Stone Form
Ghoul Gather
Meat Wagon Drop All Corpses
Necromancer Cripple
Necromancer Unholy Frenzy
Obsidian Statue Morph into Destroyer
Night Elf Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Archer Hide
Archer Mount Hippogryph
Druid of the Claw (Bear) Night Elf Form
Druid of the Claw (Bear) Roar
Druid of the Claw Bear Form
Druid of the Claw Rejuvenation
Druid of the Claw Roar
Druid of the Talon (Crow) Night Elf Form
Druid of the Talon Crow Form
Druid of the Talon Cyclone
Hippogryph Rider Decouple Archer & Hippogryph
Hippogryph Pick up Archer
Huntress Hide
Huntress Sentinel
Mountain Giant Taunt
Mountain Giant War Club
Wisp Detonate
Wisp Gather
Neutral Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Earth Taunt
Goblin Shredder Gather
Goblin Zeppelin Load
Goblin Zeppelin Unload All
Spirit Bear Blink
Storm Cyclone
Storm Dispel Magic
Storm Wind Walk
Transport Ship Load
Transport Ship Unload All
Creep Abilities
Unit Ability
Ancient Hydra Devour
Ancient Hydra War Stomp
Ancient Sasquatch Force of Nature
Ancient Sasquatch Slam
Ancient Wendigo War Stomp
Arachnathid Earth-borer Shadow Strike
Assassin Hide
Bandit Lord Divine Shield
Bandit Lord Hide
Bandit Hide
Barbed Arachnathid (Mercenary) Burrow
Berserk Elemental Frost Nova
Berserk Wildkin War Stomp
Black Dragon Devour
Blue Dragon Devour
Blue Dragonspawn Apprentice Rejuvenation
Blue Dragonspawn Overseer Breath of Frost
Blue Dragonspawn Sorcerer Frost Nova
Brigand Hide
Bronze Dragon Devour
Brood Mother Ensnare
Centaur Khan War Stomp
Dark Troll High Priest Sleep
Dark Troll Trapper Ensnare
Dark Wizard Polymorph
Death Revenant Animate Dead
Death Revenant Death Coil
Deeplord Revenant Crushing Wave
Dire Frost Wolf Roar
Dire Wolf (Creep) Roar
Doom Guard (Creep) Cripple
Doom Guard (Creep) Dispel Magic
Doom Guard (Creep) War Stomp
Doom Guard (Summoned) Cripple
Doom Guard (Summoned) Dispel Magic
Doom Guard (Summoned) War Stomp
Draenei Harbinger Ray of Disruption
Draenei Protector Ensnare
Draenei Seer Healing Wave
Dragon Turtle Crushing Wave
Dragon Turtle Devour
Elder Sasquatch Force of Nature
Elder Voidwalker Devour Magic
Elder Voidwalker Forked Lightning
Enforcer Hide
Enraged Jungle Stalker Slam
Eredar Diabolist Firebolt
Eredar Sorcerer Sleep
Eredar Warlock Finger of Pain
Faceless One Deathbringer Animate Dead
Faceless One Deathbringer Silence
Faceless One Terror Sleep
Faceless One Trickster Purge
Fel Ravager Devour Magic
Fel Stalker Mana Burn
Forest Troll Trapper Ensnare
Furbolg Elder Shaman Lightning Shield
Furbolg Elder Shaman Rejuvenation
Furbolg Shaman Rejuvenation
Furbolg Ursa Warrior War Stomp

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Item Abilities
Item Ability
Book of the Dead Skeleton Summon
Cloak of Shadows Hide
Crystal Ball Far Sight
Healing Salve HealingSalve
Healing Wards Healing Ward
Kelen's Dagger of Escape Blink
Lesser Clarity Potion Lesser Clarity Potion
Scepter of Avarice Transmute
Scepter of Mastery Charm
Scroll of Animate Dead Animate Dead
Scroll of Regeneration Scroll of Regeneration
Scroll of Resurrection Resurrection
Scroll of the Beast Roar
Sentry Wards Sentry Ward
Staff of Silence Silence
Wand of Lightning Shield Lightning Shield
Wand of the Wind Cyclone


The Warden is the only hero with four active hero abilities.

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