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(Goblin Alchemist)
Heroes Information

25 +3.3

10 +1

18 +2

28 - 55


Primary Attribute
Base Stats
1800 / 800
Melee / 500 (Air)
Turn Rate:
Level Changes
28 - 55
41 - 68
57 - 84

In this unconventional pairing, a fanatical Goblin master rides on the back of his Ogre slave. Despite undergoing a series of chemical "treatments" to enforce compliance, the Ogre sometimes shows signs of independence and even outright defiance. However, these outbursts are swiftly quelled by the Goblin master, who can be like his concoctions -- harsh and volatile. Though personal differences may at times distract this duo, when it comes to biological warfare and raw, brute strength, the Goblin Alchemist and his Ogre slave are truly at the top of their game!


Healing Spray
Cast Type : Channel  Ability Type:  Universal
Target Type : Area Target
Sprays waves of healing mist that heals units in a target area.
Cast Requirements : 75 6 s  Range:  800
Targets Allowed : Friend, Self, Ground, Air, Organic
Area of Effect : 250
Amount per Wave : 30/45/60
Waves : 3/4/5
Heal cap per Wave : 280/385/490
Hotkey : E


  • Full hp units are counted into heal cap despite not getting any healing, so when healing more than 9/8/8 units you should try moving away full hp units from heal area.
  • If the enemy is focusing fire on your Alchemist, self-heal with Healing Spray while also healing your other nearby units. The Alchemist's hero armor means he gets more effective HP than other unit types being healed, so your other units can apply pressure while the Alchemist soaks up damage.
Chemical Rage
Cast Type : Active  Ability Type:  Magical
Target Type : No Target
The Alchemist causes his Ogre to enter a chemically induced rage, increasing movement rate by 40% and increasing attack rate.
Cast Requirements : 25 30 s
Duration : 15 s
Attack Rate % Bonus : 25/75/125
Movement Speed : 40%
Transform Duration : 0.35 seconds
Notes : Even though the green colored attack speed indicates that the Alchemist's attack speed is increased this is not true. In fact the Alchemist is only replaced by a unit with a higher base attack speed. In this form Alchemist can exceed 400 speed limit and reach 522 speed limit.
Hotkey : R
Acid Bomb
Cast Type : Active  Ability Type:  Magical
Target Type : Unit Target
Hurls a flask of acid at a target. The flask breaks upon impact, splashing a powerful acid on nearby hostile units. Decreases armor; deals slightly less damage over time to nearby targets.
Cast Requirements : 75 12 s  Range:  700
Targets Allowed : Ground, Enemy, Neutral, Organic, Air
Area of Effect : 200
Duration : 15 s
Armor Penalty : 3/4/5
Target Damage : 5/10/17 per second
Secondary Damage : 3/6/11 per second
Hotkey : B
Cast Type : Active  Ability Type:  Universal
Target Type : Unit Target
Kills a target unit instantly, transforming it into gold which is added to your available gold!
Transmute cannot be used on Heroes, or creeps above level 5.
Cast Requirements : 150 45 s  Range:  650
Targets Allowed : Air, Ground, Enemy, Neutral, Non-Hero
Gold : 100% of target unit's gold cost.
Hotkey : T
  • The Alchemist becomes a terrifying force of attrition once he gets Transmute. Your opponent will be forced to engage you if you slowly keep turning his highest-cost units into gold. Try to ensure the Alchemist always has sufficient mana to use Transmute, especially since it has a low cooldown. Buying a mana potion for your Alchemist can often pay for itself!

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
VersionReleaseBalance Changes
  • Nerf Level 1 Acid Bomb primary damage reduced from 6 to 5, and secondary damage reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Nerf Level 2 Acid Bomb primary damage reduced from 11 to 10, and secondary damage reduced from 7 to 6.
  • Nerf Transmute bonus gold granted reduced from 125% to 100%.
  • Nerf Level 1 Acid Bomb primary damage decreased from 8 to 6 per second (Total damage 120 to 90; Secondary damage decreased from 5 to 4 per second).
  • Nerf Level 2 Acid Bomb primary damage decreased from 13 to 11 per second (Total damage 195 to 165; Secondary damage decreased from 8.5 to 7 per second).
  • Nerf Level 3 Acid Bomb primary damage decreased from 18 to 17 per second (Total damage 270 to 255; Secondary damage decreased from 12 to 11 per second).
  • Nerf Healing Spray effect per wave decreased from 40/55/70 to 30/45/60.
  • Buff Transmute conversion factor increased from 0.8 to 1.25.
  • Buff Acid Bomb damage over time increased from 5/10/15 to 8/13/18 for the primary target, and from 3/6.5/10 to 5/8.5/12 for secondary targets.
  • Buff Alchemist's movement speed increased from 270 to 290.
  • Buff Healing Spray no longer heals enemy units.
  • Buff Healing Spray effect per wave increased to 40/55/70 from 35/50/65