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[e][h]All for One
Team Information

All for One (clan tag: A1) was a Korean Warcraft III team.


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date Hire Date New Team
krSouth Korea u Lucifer Noh Jae Wook 2019-02-16[1] mTw
krSouth Korea h Agatha Han Seung Hak
krSouth Korea n Bany Oh Je Min
krSouth Korea u Believe Yoo Won Seok
krSouth Korea n Bluetale
czCzech Republic u Cechi Daniel Čechmánek
krSouth Korea n Check Lee Hyeong Ju
krSouth Korea o eMaL Shin Myong Rang
krSouth Korea o Frenzy Lee Gyu Seol
krSouth Korea o FoCuS Eom Hyo Sub 2019-04-20 LP Club
ruRussia h lady_lina Angelina Vio
krSouth Korea n LawLiet Jo Ju Yeon 2018-11-27 Newbee
krSouth Korea n Lunatic Lee Jae Hwan
krSouth Korea h Practice Lee Eun Soo
uaUkraine o PraDo Oleksiy Lepetynskiy
krSouth Korea h Raphael Bae Sang Chan
krSouth Korea n Shot Yoo Jong Wan
krSouth Korea o Jeon Jin Hwan 2018-12-19[2] Lucky Future
krSouth Korea n Solfa
huHungary n DarkOnN
deGermany n Sunrise Adrian Klein
krSouth Korea o TaeYeoN Park Seong Wan
krSouth Korea r Qoo Moon Jeong Gil
krSouth Korea n yeonhwa Kim Yeon Hwa
krSouth Korea h Sok Jeong Ho Wook 2019-06-04[3] Winners
krSouth Korea h Chaemiko Moon Chae Young 2019-06-04[3] Winners
krSouth Korea n Free Jang Sang Goo


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize ($)
2018-07-13 A11st A3Tier 3 EWCL 25 6 : 0 $373
2018-01-26 A11st A3Tier 3 EWCL 24 6 : 3 $711
2017-08-04 A11st A3Tier 3 EWCL 23 7 : 5 $670
2017-03-03 A11st A3Tier 3 EWCL 22 6 : 2 $652
2016-08-11 A11st A3Tier 3 EWCL 21 7 : 5 $678
2012-05-06 A22nd A3Tier 3 Champions of Warcraft League - Season 2 - Division 1 3 : 4 $0
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