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Map Information
José "Nery" Ner
Spawn Positions:
2, at 2, 8
Competition Span:
September 2009-present
Mercenary Camps:


Amazonia is a two player map made by José "Nery" Nery

Official Map Description[edit]

Welcome to the dark side of the Amazon Forest... beware!
Strange things may lie deep in the murky dark waters...

Notable Features[edit]

  • Difficult to take expansion
  • Gold mines in the expansion have 20,000 gold, making it hard to rely to on gold death as a win condition


Human vs. Night Elf Night Elf vs. Orc Orc vs. Undead Undead vs. Human Orc vs. Human Night Elf vs. Undead Mirrors
Map # Σ Human Night Elf Human % Σ Night Elf Orc Night Elf % Σ Orc Undead Orc % Σ Undead Human Undead % Σ Orc Human Orc % Σ Night Elf Undead Night Elf % Human Night Elf Orc Undead
AmazoniaAmazonia    6073 1111 563 548 50.7% 721 397 324 55.1% 466 235 231 50.4% 840 429 411 51.1% 678 298 380 44.0% 873 460 413 52.7% 325 605 183 222

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.30.1 Neutral Kobold Taskmasters now drop Level 2 Permanent items instead of Level 2 Charged items.
Neutral Creep camps no longer agro other creep camps.
1.30.0 Neutral Reduced the number of Wand of Illusion and Sentry drops by creating proper level 2 Charged items drops.