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Arrow abilities are orb effects, that can be toggled and cost mana per attack. Even though their icons look like autocast abilities, arrow abilities are different.

Whereas autocast abilities change a unit's behaviour and cause it to move in order to cast their spell, arrow abilities are automatically used when the unit attacks, as long as they are toggled and the unit has the required mana to cast the ability.

Only one arrow and one autocast ability can be active at the same time.

Arrow abilities are more attack modifiers than actual spells, as they do not deal damage by themself, but rather increase the damage of the attack. This means, that the damage is physical and has the same attack type as the normal attack. As a result the damage from arrow abilities is reduced by armor, but not by Runed Bracers or Elune's Grace.

Arrow Abilities[edit]

Unit Ability
Burning Archer Searing Arrows
Centaur Impaler Searing Arrows
Dark Ranger Black Arrow
Destroyer Orb of Annihilation
Fel Ravager Black Arrow
Firelord Incinerate
Naga Sea Witch Frost Arrows
Priestess of the Moon Searing Arrows
Skeletal Marksman Cold Arrows
Voidwalker Cold Arrows

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