Attack Damage

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Attack Damage can refer to the damage of a certain attack index of a unit or the damage amount of an attack instance.

Damage of Attack Indices[edit]

Damage Instance[edit]

Base Damage is a deterministic number, constant for Units, and based on the primary attribute for Heros. On top of the Base Damage a stochastic Value is added. The stochastic value is the addition of R random events with a uniform discrete distribution in the interval [1 ... M], where M and R are predefined for each unit. This random event can be interpreted as throwing R dice each with M sides. Depending on the unit 1 or 2 dice are used, where as for Heros always 2 dice are used.

Damage Range of a Unit is then the Intervall [Base Damage + R ... Base Damage + R · M]. For Units using one dice, each damage number in this interval has the same probability of occurrence. Where as for Units using two dice (all Heros) the value in the center is most likely, and linearly decreasing while approaching the edges, making high damage rolls unlikely.

Damage Modification[edit]

Attack Damage can be modified by buffs, abilities and items.

If the damage modification is positive, it will be indicated by a green text that reads:

+ damage modification

If the damage modification is negative, it will be indicated by a red text that reads:

- damage modification

Damage of Attack Instances[edit]

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Each attack instance has a certain damage amount, that depends on the attack damage of its attack index, when it is created.

Status Effects affecting Attack Damage[edit]