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Autocast abilities can be set to automatically cast. Right click the ability to toggle autocasting on or off.

Autocast abilities change a unit's behaviour and can cause it to move in order to cast their spell.

Only one arrow and one autocast ability can be active at the same time.

Autocast and Orders[edit]

If a unit is given a order, it usually prioritizes this order and does not cast the autocast ability until the order is finished. However during certain orders autocast is still active. The following orders do not disable autocast:

  • Attack-Move
  • Patrol
  • Stop
  • Hold Position

Autocast Abilities[edit]

Unit Ability
Acolyte Restore
Avatar of Vengeance Spirit of Vengeance
Banshee Curse
Centaur Sorcerer Abolish Magic
Centaur Sorcerer Bloodlust
Crypt Fiend Web
Crypt Lord Carrion Beetles
Dark Troll High Priest Heal
Dark Troll Shadow Priest Heal
Dark Wizard Raise Dead
Death Revenant Raise Dead
Deceiver Curse
Deeplord Revenant Frost Armor
Dire Quilbeast Frenzy
Draenei Disciple Heal
Draenei Harbinger Bloodlust
Draenei Seer Slow
Druid of the Talon (Crow) Faerie Fire
Druid of the Talon Faerie Fire
Dryad Abolish Magic
Elder Hydra Faerie Fire
Eredar Diabolist Parasite
Eredar Sorcerer Abolish Magic
Faceless One Trickster Curse
Faerie Dragon Phase Shift
Forest Troll High Priest Abolish Magic
Forest Troll High Priest Heal
Forest Troll High Priest Inner Fire
Forest Troll Shadow Priest Abolish Magic
Forest Troll Shadow Priest Heal
Furbolg Tracker Faerie Fire
Goblin Sapper Kaboom!
Greater Voidwalker Frost Armor
Harpy Storm-hag Curse
Harpy Windwitch Faerie Fire
Heretic Raise Dead
Ice Troll High Priest Abolish Magic
Ice Troll High Priest Frost Armor
Ice Troll High Priest Heal
Ice Troll Priest Heal
Kobold Geomancer Abolish Magic
Kobold Geomancer Slow
Lich Frost Armor
Makrura Tidecaller Frost Armor
Makrura Tidecaller Heal
Meat Wagon Get Corpse
Moon Well Replenish Mana and Life
Mud Golem Slow
Mur'gul Blood-Gill Heal
Mur'gul Shadowcaster Curse
Mur'gul Snarecaster Abolish Magic
Mur'gul Snarecaster Slow
Necromancer Raise Dead
Nerubian Queen Raise Dead
Nerubian Seer Abolish Magic
Nerubian Seer Raise Dead
Nerubian Webspinner Raise Dead
Nerubian Webspinner Web
Obsidian Statue Essence of Blight
Obsidian Statue Spirit Touch

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