Autumn Leaves

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[e][h]Autumn Leaves
Map Information
Village Fall
Spawn Positions:
2, at 1, 7
1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 2.0
Competition Span:
may 2021 - present
Mercenary Camps:


Autumn Leaves is a two player map made by "Tenshi"[1]. It was first featured in Season 6 of the Creepcamp-league. It was added after a community vote to the 1v1 mappool on Warcraft 3 Champions for Season 2.

Official Map Description[edit]

The falling leaves drift by the window, the seasons are changing. All sorts of creatures are starting to search for a warm place for the upcomming winter.

Notable Features[edit]

  • An asymetric Goblin Laboratory and Mercenary Camp.
  • Two expansions for each player, one of which is very close to the middle of the map.
  • An easter egg: a random villager is called "Rocketbeans "Feiner Kerl" which is a hommage to Neo (who is playing in the creepcamp league himself) calling all participants of the Meisterschaft Season 1 "feiner Kerl".


vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Map#Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %
Autumn Leaves301753124528646.1 %32620412262.6 %38620618053.4 %32219113159.3 %34920214757.9 %45821324546.5 %97243182123

Version History[edit]

Version 2.0[2][edit]

  • Orange camps next to the middle gold mines flipped around and moved to the other side of the river. Brand new creep composition: gnoll overseer (drops potion of greater mana and alike), enforcer, gnoll assassin. The previous creep camp locations have been filled by ponds of water
  • New creep camp composition at the mercenary camp: forest troll warlord, sasquatch, forest troll high priest, forest troll berserker
  • New creep camp composition at the goblin laboratory: enraged wildkin, gnoll overseer, gnoll warden, gnoll assassin
  • Green camps next to each base brought closer in. Brute gnoll replaced by gnoll warden (now drops level 1 tomes)
  • Corner expansions: level 1 kobolds replaced by kobold geomancer
  • Green camps next to the shops: level 1 spiders replaced by giant skeleton warrior and skeleton archer. Sludge flinger now drops slippers of agility and alike