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Buildings are generally fixed, functional, player-controlled constructs. The role of buildings is generally to enable the production of units and/or unlock higher tech and function, although a few specialised racial structures are meant to contribute to static defense. Some Night Elf buildings can potentially be moved in Warcraft 3, but change or lose their functionality while mobile.

They are created by Workers (viz. Peasants, Peons, Acolytes and Wisps) using different race-specific processes, except for the Neutral Buildings present on the map at the start of the game.

All buildings must be constructed on "buildable terrain", which excludes all "off-map" terrain, other buildings and units, and certain map features such as hills, trees and stone/paved tiles. Additionally, Undead buildings must be constructed on blight (except for Necropolis).

Upon the destruction of all of a player's buildings, a player will lose the game.

Town Hall[edit]

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The Town Hall, also refered to as Main Building or Main, is the most important building. It is where workers bring the resources they gather, and it is where workers are produced.

In each game, a player begins with a townhall and 4-5 workers. These are the basic foundation blocks from which to build a base.

Race Buildings[edit]

Constructable Buildings[edit]

The tech-trees of the four races all follow a similar pattern. Tier 1 allows for the construction of the Altar and the basic units building, as well as most of the support structures such as the food supply, shop, and tower. At Tier 2, two new unit production buildings are made available, generally split into casters and advanced fighting units. Finally, Tier 3 enables the production of a very strong unit from a dedicated building.

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead
Main Building Town Hall Tree of Life Great Hall Necropolis
Goldmine Entangled Gold Mine Haunted Goldmine
Food Supply Farm Moon Well Orc Burrow Ziggurat
Altar Altar of Kings Altar of Elders Altar of Storms Altar of Darkness
Shop Arcane Vault Ancient of Wonders Voodoo Lounge Tomb of Relics
Lumber Return Lumber Mill War Mill Graveyard
Upgrades Blacksmith Hunter's Hall
Tower Scout Tower Ancient Protector Watch Tower
Other Sacrificial Pit
Tier 1 Production Barracks Ancient of War Barracks Crypt
Tier 2 Production Arcane Sanctum Ancient of Wind Spirit Lodge Temple of the Damned
Tier 2 Production Workshop Ancient of Lore Beastiary Slaughterhouse
Tier 2 Production Tauren Totem
Tier 3 Production Gryphon Aviary Chimaera Roost Boneyard

Upgradable Buildings[edit]

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead
Main Tier 2 Keep Tree of Ages Stronghold Halls of the Dead
Main Tier 3 Castle Tree of Eternity Fortress Black Citadel
Tower Arcane Tower Nerubian Tower
Tower Guard Tower Spirit Tower
Tower Cannon Tower

Neutral Buildings[edit]

Goblin Laboratory Goblin Merchant Marketplace Mercenary Camp Tavern

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