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Stars War III

Team China (Clantag: CN) is the Warcraft III national team of People's Republic of China.



Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
cnChina h Fortitude Xu Yuxing
cnChina n Alice Liu Pengyang
cnChina n Sini Gao Jialian
cnChina n Zhou_Xixi Zhou Xixi
cnChina o ice orc Wang Changpeng
cnChina o 无道oc Liu Min
cnChina u Mango Wang Heng
cnChina u tbc_bm Duanmu Yingnan


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
cnChina h Sky Li Xiaofeng
cnChina h Infi Wang Xuwen
cnChina h TH000 Huang Xiang
cnChina o Fly100% Lu Weiliang
cnChina u 120 Guo Zixiang
cnChina n Life Hao Yan


Date Placement Tier Tournament Squad Result Prize
2021-12-10 A11st A2Tier 2 Huya Huya 4v4 Tournament
China 1: TH000, Yumiko, Infi, Fly100%.
2-1 Grp. S. $785
2021-12-10 A33rd A2Tier 2 Huya Huya 4v4 Tournament
China 2: XiaoKai, Ice orc, Invain, 15sui.
1-2 Grp. S. $628
2021-06-18 A11st A2Tier 2 Douyu Yule Cup Douyu Yule Cup - 2021 S2
China: Colorful, XiaoKai, Fly100%, Fortitude.
37 - 33 west west $6,202
2017-04-02 I1Won A7Show M. ReMinD Cup : China vs Korea
China: TH000, Infi, Fly100%, Eer0.
5 : 2 South KoreaSouth Korea South Korea $1,597
2010-04-18 A22nd A1Tier 1 Stars War Stars War V
China: TH000, TeD, Sky, Future, Infi.
1-1 Grp. S. $4,412
2008-11-20 I1Won A2Tier 2 PPstreamPPstream PPStream CN vs KR S3 (Team)
China: TH000, TeD, Sky, SuhO, Like, Sai, Infi, Fly100%.
8 - 3 South KoreaSouth Korea South Korea $1,748
2006-06-18 A11st A1Tier 1 Stars War Stars War III
China: Sky, SuhO, XTiGer, GuangMo, Fly100%.
6 - 4 EuropeEurope Europe $5,000
2006-01-22 A22nd A1Tier 1 Stars War Stars War II
China: Sky, SuhO, XiaOt, Gstar, GuangMo.
1-1 Grp. S. $3,000
2005-07-03 A11st A3Tier 3 CGM China-Hong Kong confrontation
China: Gstar, Thank, HuanHuan.
2004-08-08 A22nd A2Tier 2 WEM World e-Sports Games China Korea Esport Games
China: SuhO, DT, MagicYang, Anas, Ennui.
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