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Clan Bulgaria

[e][h]Clan Bulgaria
Team Information
Bulgaria  Shorty
Team Captain:
Bulgaria  LeX
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

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Clan Bulgaria (Clantag: BG) is the unofficial national team of Bulgaria, which represents the country in non-country-based team competitions.


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
bgBulgaria h Shorty Nyagoslav Zhekov
bgBulgaria u LeX Hristo Stoev
bgBulgaria u Lubber Slavi Sokolov
bgBulgaria n SoulEater Dimitar Kyulhanov
bgBulgaria u GodFather Valentin Atanasov
bgBulgaria u formaluNreal Deyan Moraliev 2019-02-15
bgBulgaria h Fastwin Miroslav Delchev 2019-02-15
bgBulgaria n killer Ventseslav Ilev 2019-02-15
bgBulgaria u strik3rr Dobromir Ganchev 2019-02-15
bgBulgaria u aGe Dimitar Dimitrov 2019-02-27
Inactive Squad
bgBulgaria h Insomnia Zdravko Georgiev
bgBulgaria u Shocker Mihail Sabkov
bgBulgaria o Thrall Nikolay Bliznakov
bgBulgaria h SworD Atanas Vasilev 2019-03-08
bgBulgaria o Sir_J Boyan Zlatanov
bgBulgaria u InFeRnO Metodi Hristov
bgBulgaria n Moon Plamen Varbanov
bgBulgaria u Star21 Taner Kabilov
bgBulgaria u WhatCanUDDo Lyuboslav Voynov
bgBulgaria u Dain Mihail Mihaylov 2019-02-15
bgBulgaria h VampY Martin Zahariev
ID Name Join Date


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize ($)
2020-03-22 B111 - 12th A3Tier 3 Warcraft III Reforged League - Season 1 4-5 Grp. S. $0
2020-01-05 A66th A3Tier 3 League - Season 2 - Division 1 3-4 Grp. S. $0
2019-07-28 A77 - 8th A3Tier 3 League - Season 1 2-5 Grp. S. $0
2018-10-21 A55th A3Tier 3 NWC3L - Season 11 (Div 2) 1-4 Grp. S. $0
2018-07-01 A44th A3Tier 3 NWC3L - Season 10 (Div 2) $0
2018-03-18 A88th A3Tier 3 NWC3L - Season 9 (Div 1) 0-7 Grp. S. $0
2018-03-11 A77th A3Tier 3 NWC3L - Season 9 (Div 2) $0
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