Concealed Hill

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[e][h]Concealed Hill
Map Information
Flo & HighTac
Lordaeron Summer
Spawn Positions:
2, at 1, 7
Competition Span:
october 2018 - present


Concealed Hill is a two player map, created by "Flo" & "HighTac" [1].

Official Map Description[edit]

Alluring loot is ready for the taking around the concealed hill. But don't roam through the woods for too long or the hill may have turned into a fortress.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Shaped like an H
  • Hill in the middle that is concealed by trees
  • Two fountains of health
  • Uneven number of mines with one in the centre
  • All gold mines have the same value
  • There is a trick where a player can lure the Ogre Lord from the centre camp close to the tavern, block it in, and kill it. Sometimes this can be a bad idea. [2]

Creep Routes[edit]

For level 3 one can creep as follows:

  • One of the Goblin Lab or Gold Mine. One of the Goblin Merchant or level 3 Ogre camp. Any two green camps.
  • The level 3 Ogre camp and the green Turtle, Kobold, and Crab camp.
  • The Fountain of Health and any green camp.
  • The Gold Mine and then the Fountain of Health minus the Red Dragon (useful if player has no ranged units).


vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Map#Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %
Concealed Hill611986645241452.2 %83648535158.0 %74039634453.5 %80341438951.6 %64032431650.6 %96547648949.3 %273368243385

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Adjusted terrain so units can no longer reach unintended places.
  • Cleaned up tree placement.



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  2. Don't Cheese the Ogre Lord, 9:00 at Followgrubby Youtube Video