Concealed Hill

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[e][h]Concealed Hill
Map Information
Flo & HighTac
Lordaeron Summer
Spawn Positions:
2, at 1, 7
Competition Span:
october 2018 - present


Concealed Hill is a two player map, created by "Flo" & "HighTac" [1].

Official Map Description[edit]

Alluring loot is ready for the taking around the concealed hill. But don't roam through the woods for too long or the hill may have turned into a fortress.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Shaped like an H
  • Hill in the middle that is concealed by trees
  • Two fountains of health
  • Uneven number of mines with one in the centre
  • All gold mines have the same value
  • There is a trick where a player can lure the Ogre Lord from the centre camp close to the tavern, block it in, and kill it. Sometimes this can be a bad idea. [2]

Creep Routes[edit]

For level 3 one can creep as follows:

  • One of the Goblin Lab or Gold Mine. One of the Goblin Merchant or level 3 Ogre camp. Any two green camps.
  • The level 3 Ogre camp and the green Turtle, Kobold, and Crab camp.
  • The Fountain of Health and any green camp.
  • The Gold Mine and then the Fountain of Health minus the Red Dragon (useful if player has no ranged units).


Human vs. Night Elf Night Elf vs. Orc Orc vs. Undead Undead vs. Human Orc vs. Human Night Elf vs. Undead Mirrors
Map # Σ Human Night Elf Human % Σ Night Elf Orc Night Elf % Σ Orc Undead Orc % Σ Undead Human Undead % Σ Orc Human Orc % Σ Night Elf Undead Night Elf % Human Night Elf Orc Undead
Concealed HillConcealed Hill    3608 537 290 247 54.0% 488 291 197 59.6% 456 247 209 54.2% 462 237 225 51.3% 373 194 179 52.0% 543 261 282 48.1% 154 235 103 228

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.30.0 Neutral Cleaned up tree placement.



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  2. Don't Cheese the Ogre Lord, 9:00 at Followgrubby Youtube Video