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Corpses can be seen as a kind of a tertiary resource. They are mostly used by the Undead but the other races also have few possibilities to use corpses in their favour.

Corpses left on the ground last for 88 seconds before they disappear.

Sources of Corpses[edit]

Corpses a mainly left behind by fallen organic units, creeps and critters. Buildings and mechanical units don't leave corpses behind. Not all (organic) units leave corpses behind either. "Ghostly" units such as Wisps fizzle and don't leave corpses behind. Heroes also don't leave corpse behind neither as their bodies vanish and the their spirits returns to the ether in order to wait recall at their respective Altars.

Corpses can be "produced" in several ways:

Usage of Corpses[edit]

The following units and items make use of corpses:


Night Elf[edit]