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Corpses can be seen as a kind of a tertiary resource. They are mostly used by the Undead faction but other races also have a few possibilities to use corpses in their favour.

Corpses left on the ground last for 88 seconds before they disappear.

Sources of Corpses[edit]

Corpses are left behind by fallen non-summoned non-flying non-hero organic (non-mechanical) units, creeps and critters. Even then, not all such units create corpses. Ghostly units such as Wisps, Banshees, Revenants and Voidwalkers dissipate, Mountain Giants, Mud Golems and Skeleton Archers fall apart, and even otherwise fitting units don't leave corpses if exploded by siege units, Goblin Sappers, Goblin Land Mines or Firelord's Incinerate spell.

Corpse Production[edit]

There are two ways of producing corpses without any units dying.


Use of Corpses[edit]

The following units and items make use of corpses:



Night Elf[edit]