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Creeps are neutral, hostile units placed around the map, sometimes guarding strategic locations. Killing these units is known as "creeping", and is a vital part of building a strong hero, as creeps give experience and sometimes items upon death.

The strength of a creep is indicated by the unit level. Higher level creeps give more experience, and tend to drop better items, but are harder to beat.

Creep Camps[edit]

Creeps are always placed in groups on the map, in what is known as "Creep camps". Units within these camps fight together as one, making them harder to beat. Since a camp may often contain both weak and strong units, the difficulty of creeping it is often measured by adding the individual unit levels together. The difficulty level is further abstracted into three main categories, green camps, yellow camps and red camps, where the names are taken from their appearance on the mini map.

Camp Type Total Creep Levels
 Green Camp 1-9
 Yellow Camp 10-19
 Red Camp 20+

The value of the item(s) dropped are generally connected to the difficulty of the camp. A green camp may only drop a level 2 item, while the much more difficult and dangerous red camp may yield a level 6 item. Most of the time, only the strongest of the units in a creep camp will drop an item. This makes attempts at killing only the item-carrying creep, before running away, a less desirable tactic in many cases.

Sleeping Creeps[edit]

During nighttime, most creeps will fall asleep. During this period they will not attack, unless woken up. They will wake up when attacked, when a building is constructed too close or when a player uses a nearby Neutral Building.

Some creeps do not sleep, and will wake the rest of the creep camp if the player gets too close.

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
VersionReleaseBalance Changes
  • Neutral Creeps that are not in combat now ignore flying units. This means that if you move flying units around using "move" instead of "attack move", creeps will generally not attack them.
  • Neutral Creeps can no longer be dragged via constant attacks--they eventually give up and return to their start location.
  • Neutral All creeps of level 6 or higher now have Hero magic resistance.
  • Neutral Creeps of level 7 or higher will behave more intelligently in general.
  • Neutral All creeps of level 7 or higher now deal Chaos damage.


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