Crypt Fiend

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[e][h] Crypt Fiend
Unit Information
Built From:
Build Time:
215 40 3
0 (6)
2 (on Blight)
1400 / 800
Acquisition Range:
  • undead
Selection Priorty:
Formation Rank:
Turn Rate:
Move Type:
Collision Size:
Cargo Size:
26 - 31 (29 - 49)
  • ground
  • structure
  • debris
  • item
  • ward

Crypt Fiends are large, mummified creatures who appear to be a genetic cross between humans and spiders. Their lower bodies are supported by six spindly arachnid limbs and their heavily bandaged torsos are human in form. The cunning Crypt Fiends were once the lords of the ancient spider kingdom of Azjol-Nerub that spanned the entirety of Northrend in ancient times. However, the Crypt Fiends' power base was destroyed by the Lich King, Ner'zhul, when he and his undead Scourge took control of the frozen continent. Now the Crypt Fiends command their spider underlings in the name of their master, Ner'zhul. These aberrant creatures are capable of summoning swarms of vile insects and projecting web-like strands to incapacitate and harm their enemies.

Combat support creature. Can learn the Web ability. Attack land units.

Crypt Fiends are great additions to a melee force. You should use Crypt Fiends when facing air units, as they are the main defense against air units besides Gargoyles because of their Web Ability, which allows Crypt Fiends to bring air units down to earth. Crypt Fiends do not have an air attack but their Web ability allows them and other melee units to attack a webbed air unit.

Players sometimes focus entirely on Crypt Fiends in team games. This can be an effective strategy. Be reminded that Vampiric Aura does not work with Crypt Fiends. Proper Crypt Fiend usage involves a lot of running.

Spells & Abilities[edit]

Cast Type : Autocast
Target Type : Unit Target
Binds a target enemy air unit in webbing, forcing it to the ground. Webbed units can be hit as though they were land units.
Cast Requirements : 12 s  Range:  400
Targets Allowed : Air, Enemy
Duration : 12 (7) s
Hotkey : W
Upgrade: Web
Cost : 150 150  Research Time:  30
Researched at : Crypt
 Hotkey : W
Requirements : Halls of the DeadGraveyard


If you're building Crypt Fiends be sure to research Web. It's a cheap upgrade and it's good to have it available on the fly rather than having to wait for it if you get in trouble against air units.

Webbed air units cannot move, and count as ground units. This means that units with ground attacks can now attack them, and also that units with no ground attacks cannot. Webbed units only count as ground units for attack targeting purposes. You cannot, for example, Possess or Impale a webbed air unit. Units with a good air attack but a poor ground attack, such as Gargoyles, do not mix well with Web.

Cast Type : Active  Ability Type:  Physical
Target Type : No Target
The Crypt Fiend digs into the ground, becomes invisible, and gains a regeneration rate of 5 hit points per second. The Crypt Fiend cannot attack while burrowed.
Duration : 1.45 s
New Regeneration : 5 Hit Points per second
Notes : Burrowed Fiends have a new regeneration type and gain no benefit from Blight anymore.
Burrowed units are not affected by auras.
Hotkey : B
Upgrade: Burrow
Cost : 75 75  Research Time:  45
Researched at : Crypt
 Hotkey : B
Requirements : Halls of the DeadGraveyard
Unit Inventory (Undead)
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Allows the unit to carry 2 items.
Item Capacity : 2
Notes : Items cannot be used by the unit and are dropped, if the unit dies.
Upgrade: Backpack (Undead)
Cost : 50 25  Research Time:  20
Researched at : Necropolis
Requirements : Tomb of Relics


Creature Attack
Increases the attack damage of Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms.
Researched at : Graveyard
 Hotkey : A
Cost : 150 50  Research Time:  60
Damage Dice Bonus : 1
Improved Creature Attack
Cost : 200 125  Research Time:  75
Requires : Halls of the Dead
Damage Dice Bonus : 2
Advanced Creature Attack
Cost : 250 200  Research Time:  90
Requires : Black Citadel
Damage Dice Bonus : 3
Creature Carapace
Increases the armor of Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms.
Researched at : Graveyard
 Hotkey : C
Cost : 150 75  Research Time:  60
Armor Bonus : 2
Improved Creature Carapace
Cost : 200 200  Research Time:  75
Requires : Halls of the Dead
Armor Bonus : 4
Advanced Creature Carapace
Cost : 250 325  Research Time:  90
Requires : Black Citadel
Armor Bonus : 6

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Nerf Web upgrade cost increased to 150/150 from 75/75.
  • Neutral Web lasts 12 seconds, down from 20 seconds, and has a cooldown of 12 seconds, down from 20 seconds.
  • Nerf Web duration decreased on Hero units to 7 from 20.