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Team Information
Canada carsoNNN
Canada Bidoux

DuSt Gaming is a North American eSports organization primarily focusing in StarCraft II, Dota 2, and Hearthstone squads. It was formed by its two owners after their move from the Warcraft III community into StarCraft upon the release of Wings of Liberty.

In november 2018 the organization found the way back to their roots with creating a Warcraft III team[1].


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
caCanada o carsoNNN Carson Cleaver 2018-10-22
caCanada u Bidoux 2018-10-22
pePeru o DanGer Daniel Linares Cristobal 2018-10-22
usUSA o Hitman Victor Lin 2018-10-23
caCanada o HartCrane 2018-11-01
usUSA o Pride 2018-10-23
usUSA h Aventador 2018-12-12
usUSA h Flame 2018-11-19
usUSA h PriesT Jonathan Walker 2018-11-11
caCanada h Rebuke 2018-11-24
caCanada u Deuce 2018-10-23
usUSA h Divine 2018-11-07
usUSA u PLZLEAVEDUCK 2018-10-28
usUSA n FK 2018-12-01
usUSA n LongWalk Philip Crawford 2018-10-21
usUSA n OC Robert Conners 2018-10-20
usUSA h CrunCher Abdulaziz Abed
usUSA h AcidRain
usUSA o Kayo 2019-04-24


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