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[e][h]ESL Open Cup Asia
Series Information
Total prize money:

The ESL Open Cup Asia started April 5th, 2021, and takes place online every week. The winner of each cup earn $ 100, it's played on NetEase-servers.

It's an open series, anyone can participate.


It's a one day cup, 1 on 1 single elimination bracket played on Mondays:

  • early rounds played as Bo1,
  • quarter finals and semi-finals played as Bo3,
  • final played as Bo5,
  • no match for 3rd place.

Hall of Fame[edit]

Most successful players :

Player 1st 2ndEarnings
South Korea  FoCuS94$900
China  Colorful74$700
South Korea  Chaemiko67$600
South Korea  LawLiet64$600
South Korea  Lyn21$200
South Korea  Sok13$100
Ukraine  Foggy12$100
South Korea  MichaeL11$100
South Korea  Yange10$100
China  Fortitude02$0
South Korea  ThundeR01$0
South Korea  ReMinD01$0
South Korea  Soin01$0
China  15sui01$0
Russia  Sheik01$0
Singapore  Fish01$0


#Date 1st 2nd SF SF # 
#622021-04-05South Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  Sok16
#632021-04-12South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  LawLiet13
#642021-04-19China  ColorfulSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  Sok10
#652021-04-26South Korea  FoCuSChina  ColorfulSouth Korea  MichaeLUkraine  Foggy8
#662021-05-03Ukraine  FoggySouth Korea  FoCuSChina  ColorfulRussia  HawK10
#672021-05-10China  ColorfulSouth Korea  LawLietChina  XiaoKaiSouth Korea  ThundeR10
#682021-05-17China  ColorfulSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  MichaeLSouth Korea  LawLiet5
#692021-05-24South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  ChaemikoChina  15suiUkraine  Foggy10
#702021-05-31South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  ChaemikoChina  ColorfulUkraine  Foggy10
#712021-06-07South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  ChaemikoUkraine  FoggySouth Korea  FoCuS7
#722021-06-14South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  MichaeLSingapore  FishSouth Korea  ThundeR8
#732021-06-21South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  FoCuSSingapore  FishUkraine  Foggy10
#742021-06-28China  ColorfulSouth Korea  ThundeRSouth Korea  MichaeLChina  XiaoKai7
#752021-07-05South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  MichaeLChina  Sini12
#762021-07-12South Korea  MichaeLSouth Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  ThundeR10
#772021-07-19South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  SoinRussia  SheikSouth Korea  Sok11
#782021-07-26South Korea  FoCuSRussia  SheikRussia  MisterWinnerSouth Korea  ThundeR5
#792021-08-02China  ColorfulSouth Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  MichaeLSouth Korea  FoCuS12
#802021-08-09South Korea  ChaemikoChina  FortitudeSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  Sok7
#812021-08-16South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  ChaemikoRussia  SheikSouth Korea  Lyn9
#822021-08-23South Korea  LynSouth Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  MichaeLRussia  Sheik9
#832021-08-30South Korea  LynSouth Korea  SokUkraine  FoggySouth Korea  LawLiet12
#842021-09-06South Korea  ChaemikoChina  ColorfulSouth Korea  SoinSouth Korea  Lyn8
#852021-09-13South Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  LynChina  FortitudeSouth Korea  Sok6
#862021-09-20South Korea  YangeSouth Korea  LawLietRussia  MisterWinnerSouth Korea  MichaeL6
#872021-09-27South Korea  ChaemikoChina  FortitudeChina  ColorfulSouth Korea  Soin7
#882021-10-04South Korea  ChaemikoChina  ColorfulSingapore  FishSouth Korea  MichaeL5
#892021-10-11China  ColorfulSingapore  FishRussia  MisterWinner
#902021-10-22South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  ReMinDSouth Korea  FoCuSChina  Fortitude9
#912021-10-25South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  ChaemikoChina  ColorfulUkraine  Foggy5
#922021-11-01South Korea  SokUkraine  FoggyRussia  MisterWinnerSouth Korea  FoCuS6
#932021-11-08South Korea  FoCuSUkraine  FoggyBelarus  War3AlexUnited Kingdom  ToX4
#942021-11-15South Korea  FoCuSChina  ColorfulChina  FortitudeUkraine  Foggy6
#952021-11-22China  ColorfulChina  15suiFrance  KraVRussia  HawK4

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