ESL Pro Tour 2021

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The ESL Pro Tour 2021 is a world wide Warcraft III pro tour. It is a circuit combining ESL and DreamHack Warcraft III tournaments which are connected by a ranking system into one narrative that builds towards the WC3 Championship.

As the last year, it will offer over $ 205,000 across the tour. In partnership with DreamHack ; starting in 2021, all competitions are aligned within new tier levels: ESL Open Cups, Qualifiers and Challenger Events that lead to the WC3 Championship each year. Everything are tied together with the ESL Pro Tour Ranking.

In 2021 there are three competitive seasons: Summer, Fall, & Winter. Each season will have open online qualification which leads into online regionalized tournaments. The regionalized tournaments will work identically to the 2020 system.

The only new thing is the regionalization of the ESL Open Cups. Each region (Americas, Asia & Europe) has it's ESL Open weekly tournament.

Players earn points in their respective regional seasons and ESL Open Cups in order to qualify for the global final in december 2021 (played online as well).


ESL Pro Tour
Tier Areas
Championship Championship Asia Asia
Challenger Challenger America America
Qualifier Closed qualifier Europe Europe
Qualifier Open qualifier
Open Cup Weekly Cup
ESL Pro series
Tier Country
Main event Germany Germany
Closed qualifier
Open qualifier


Map pool[edit]

Seasonal division formatting[edit]

ESL Pro Tour 2021 - Division formatting

In 2021, players will compete in regional divisions across 3 seasons to take the road to the Championship in 2021. Each season will consist of: a 2 week window for qualifiers & 3 weeks of main competition.

Global formatting[edit]

The ESL Pro Tour 2021 takes place online, players are split into 3 regions : America, Asia and Europe (last one including Africa).

Regarless of the region, the "normal" path is : sign-up to an open qualifier and get a spot for the closed qualifier. Then participe to the closed qualifier and grant a spot for the Challenger.

The top ranked players are invited to the Challenger, they don't play qualifiers at all.

Open qualifiers format[edit]

The open qualifiers are the first step and consist of a single elimination bracket:

  • early rounds played as Bo1,
  • qualifying rounds played as Bo3,
  • a certain number of players grant a spot for the next step the closed qualifier.
    • Americas: 2 players per qualifier advances,
    • Asia & Europe: 4 players per qualifier advances.

Closed qualifiers format[edit]

The closed qualifiers are the second and last step and consist of a double elimination system:

  • half players qualified, half are invited (due to their ranking),
  • early rounds are Bo3,
  • qualifications rounds are Bo5,
  • a certain number of players get a spot for the Challenger event and grant the opportunity of winning EPT points.
    • Americas: 4 players per qualifier advances,
    • Asia & Europe: 8 players per qualifier advances.

Seasonal prize distribution[edit]

ESL Pro Tour points will split regionally, each region competing within their own division for positions at the ESL WC3 Championship.

Championship distribution[edit]

After the season 3 ending, will be qualified for the tour-ending championship :

  • the top 2 players from America,
  • the top 8 players from Asia,
  • the top 5 players from Europe,
  • the player with the more points out of the 15 already qualified (out of the 3 regions).

Prize money disctribution[edit]

$ 25,000 per season are spread among the players as seen below:

  • America : $ 5,000,
  • Asia : $ 10,000,
  • Europe : $ 10,000.
Place Prize ($)
1st 1,600
2nd 1,000
3 - 4th 600
5 - 6th 400
7 - 8th 200
Place Prize ($)
1st 2,400
2nd 1,200
3 - 4th 800
5 - 8th 600
9 - 12th 400
13 - 16th 200
Place Prize ($)
1st 2,400
2nd 1,200
3 - 4th 800
5 - 8th 600
9 - 12th 400
13 - 16th 200

Points distribution[edit]

ESL Open Cups

Regardless of the region each ESL Open Cup awards the winner and the runner-up respectively 10 & 5 EPT points.

Closed qualifiers

Among the players who failed to qualify for the regional Challenger, the best ones earn some points. Regardless of the season:

  • America : 7th to 9th ranked player each earn 10 points.
  • Asia : 13th to 18th ranked player each earn 15 points.
  • Europe : 13th to 18th ranked player each earn 10 points.


Each Challenger event provides EPT points depending of the area, not of the season:

Place Points
1st 300
2nd 150
3 - 4th 80
5 - 6th 50
7 - 8th 25
Place Points
1st 600
2nd 400
3 - 4th 250
5 - 8th 120
9 - 12th 60
13 - 16th 30
Place Points
1st 450
2nd 300
3 - 4th 190
5 - 8th 90
9 - 12th 45
13 - 16th 25

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