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Echo Isles

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[e][h]Echo Isles
Map Information
Lordaeron Summer
Spawn Positions:
2 at 10, 2
Mercenary Camps:


Echo isles is a two player map made by Blizzard Entertainment.

Official Map Description[edit]

Though these islands are surrounded by deep and treacherous waters, they have seen little peace. Many of the creatures dwelling here are refugees from the war. They have nothing left to lose. Don't expect a warm welcome.

Notable Features[edit]

There is only one shop on Echo Isles, which makes map and shop control extremely important.

Notable Games[edit]


Human vs. Night ElfNight Elf vs. OrcOrc vs. UndeadUndead vs. HumanOrc vs. HumanNight Elf vs. UndeadMirrors
Map#ΣHumanNight ElfHuman%ΣNight ElfOrcNight Elf%ΣOrcUndeadOrc%ΣUndeadHumanUndead%ΣOrcHumanOrc%ΣNight ElfUndeadNight Elf%HumanOrcUndeadNight Elf
Echo Isles1498826001214138646.7%22181140107851.4%163285477852.3%146075870251.9%1943908103546.7%1982101496851.2%7347275951097

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
VersionReleaseBalance Changes
  • Added extra trees and doodads behind the south west expansion to address instances of player units getting stuck in unpathable locations after using a Scroll of Town Portal.
  • Filled in various pathing holes around the outer edges of the map.
  • Changed terrain around the western green gnoll camp to make it less likely for player units to accidentally walk into it.
  • Added trees and rearranged doodads behind Mercenary Camps to make them more equal.
  • Added ranged creep to expansion goldmines.
  • Replaced both Fountains of Health with Mercenary Camps and changed the creep composition so that they're not all piercing attack.
  • Replaced the mana fountain with a Market Place and changed the level 3 permanent item drops to level 3 charged items.
  • Replaced one Troll Trapper with an equal level Ogre to the all troll trapper green camp next to each start location.
  • New map from our Bonus Map program.