Effective Hit Points

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Effective hit points (EHP) describes the hypothetical amount of hit points a building, unit or hero has, when incoming damage is reduced.

EHP = hit points/1 - damage reduction

Reasons for EHP[edit]

There are several reasons for a difference in hit points and effective hit points.


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The most obvious reason is the armor rating of a unit. Each point of armor increases the effective hit points of a unit by 6% of the unit's base hit points.

Most of the time when referring to effective hit points, the damage reduction due to the armor rating of the unit is meant.


  • Increased effective hit points due to increased armor are only relevant against physical damage (damage type).

Armor and Attack types[edit]

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Armor and Attack types also modify the damage certain units deal and take and therefore also affect the effective hit points of a unit.

Abilities, Items and Status Effects[edit]

Several abilities, items and status effects can increase a unit's effective hit points.


  • While technically negative status effects on attacking units also increase the effective hit points of the attacked unit, this is rather a question of the damage output of the attacking unit.

Heroes and Items[edit]

The following table illustrates the absolute (+) and relative (%) increase of effective hit points common items have on heroes at different hero levels. In can be sorted for each item to compare the effectiveness on different heroes.