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[e][h]Electronic Sports World Cup
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Professional Gaming League
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Matthieu Dallon

The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) is an international professional gaming championship. Every year, winners of national qualifier events around the world earn the right to represent their country in the ESWC Finals. The event has been praised for its organisation and ability to put on a good show for spectators

The ESWC was originally created by a French company, Ligarena, that had previously hosted smaller Local Area Network (LAN) events in France under the name of LAN Arena. In 2003, Ligarena decided to do something on a larger scale and the ESWC was born. In 2005, Ligarena became Games-Services. In 2009 due to financial difficulties and crisis, ESWC and Nvidia part company[1] and Games Services enters liquidation[2], resulting on the cancellation of the annual Grand Final.

Eventually, ESWC was then bought by another French company, Games-Solution, which became the owner of the brand. In 2012, Oxent, an agency specialising in electronic sports, acquired the ESWC.

The grand finals and masters of ESWC have had a total prize purse of €1,721,000 between 2003 and 2010.


The first Electronic Sports World Cup was held in 2003 with a total of 358 participants from 37 countries and a prize purse of €150.000. To participate in the tournament, competitors had to place in their country's national qualifier. By 2006, the event had grown to 547 qualified participants from 53 countries and had a prize purse of $400,000 US. The event also featured the first competition with a game specifically made for it: TrackMania Nations.


Event Location Prize-pool Winner Runner-Up
ESWC 2003 France Poitiers, France $20,000
Sweden  HeMaN
Sweden  MaDFroG
ESWC 2004 France Poitiers, France $25,000
South Korea  FoV
Sweden  MaDFroG
ESWC 2005 France Paris, France $40,000
Netherlands  Grubby
Russia  Deadman
ESWC 2006 France Paris, France $40,000
South Korea  Lucifer
Croatia  Zeus
ESWC 2007 France Paris, France $19,000
South Korea  SoJu
Norway  Creolophus
ESWC Masters of Paris 2008 France Paris, France $5,000
South Korea  Moon
China  Sky
ESWC 2008 United States San Jose, USA $23,000
South Korea  WhO
China  Sky
ESWC Masters of Athens 2008 Greece Athens, Greece $15,000
South Korea  Lyn
South Korea  Moon
ESWC Masters of Cheonan 2009 South Korea Cheonan, South Korea $15,000
Spain  LucifroN
South Korea  Lyn
ESWC Open Game 2009 China Ma’anshan, China €30,900
China  Fly100%
China  TH000
ESWC 2010 France Paris, France $14,000
South Korea  Lyn
South Korea  Moon

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