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One of the things that make a Hero unique is his ability to gain experience levels and become better over time. Any Hero will gain experience points for every accomplishment on the game map (usually kills) that they or any nearby unit do. When a Hero accumulates enough experience points, they will advance to the next level, and you can choose a new ability for that Hero.

Gaining Experience[edit]

  • A Hero gains experience when he or any unit under his "command" kills an opposing unit. An opposing unit is defined as any unit that is hostile to the player. This includes enemy player units as well as aggressive NPC creatures on the game map.
  • Kills made when no Hero is nearby result in your Heroes' receiving experience. In team games, even your allies will get a share of that experience. If one Hero is nearby, but another is not, only the nearby Hero gains experience. This is to encourage the use of air mobility in harassing an opponent.
  • If two Heroes are both commanding a unit that makes a kill, then the experience received from the kill will be split evenly between the two Heroes.
  • Once a Hero gains enough experience, the Hero will move on to the next level.
  • Heroes gain experience for attacking buildings with attacks such as towers.
  • You do not receive experience if any building such as a tower or ancient makes the killing blow.
  • You can receive experience for killing units of dropped players. This can be very helpful in FFA games. But you won't get experience for destroying their buildings (except of towers, or other buildings with an attack), so unless you plan to build an expansion there, don't waste your time destroying those buildings. You will not get experience if your Heroes are over level 5 (just like Creeps).
  • Heroes gain more experience from Creeps early on, and less once they hit level 3. Once they hit level 5, Heroes can only gain experience through killing units controlled by other players.
  • If a player owns only one hero (dead heroes count), and is at tier 2 (Keep/Stronghold etc) or Tier 3 (Castle/Fortress etc), they gain bonus experience of 15% for tier 2 and 30% for tier 3. This affects all experience gain - both creeping and killing enemy units.
  • Hex disables experience gain, but the hexed hero still drains experience.
  • You do not receive experience if enemy kills his own unit.

Determining Experience Gained[edit]

The experience needed to achieve a level is (Previous level's xp needed) + (100*Level).
Example progression:

Hero Level Experience Required
1 0
2 200
3 500

Formula: experience = 50*(level**2 + level - 2)

The experience a hero gets for killing a unit is based on the unit's "level". Unit levels are fixed unlike heroes.
The experience gained after level 1 is (Previous level xp gained+(5*(level+1))).
Example progression:

Unit Level Experience Gained
1 25
2 40
3 60
4 85
5 115
6 150

Summoned units give 50% of this experience.

Experience for killing creeps is reduced (only in Frozen Throne) to a percentage based on the hero's level:

Hero Level Experience %
1 80%
2 70%
3 60%
4 50%
5 and up 0%

The experience given for killing a hero is as follows:

Enemy Hero Level Experience Gained
1 100
2 120
3 160
4 220
5 and up 300 +100 per
level above 5

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Buff The experience bonus for having a single Hero and owning a tier-2 or tier-3 town hall has been increased to +15%/+30% from +10%/+20%.
  • Neutral At tiers 2 and 3, a player who owns only one Hero (dead Heroes count) will gain bonus experience. This bonus is 10% at tier 2, and 20% at tier 3. This affects all experience gain--both from killing creeps and enemy units.