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[e][h] Firelord

15 +2

20 +1.60

18 +2.50

22 - 28


Primary Attribute
Base Stats
Movement Speed:
Sight Range:
1800 / 800
Attack Range:
Turn Rate:
Level Changes
Hit Points:
HP Regen.:
Mana Regen.:
22 - 28
28 - 34
36 - 42

Long ago, when the world was in a state of constant turmoil, the Elementals (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water) faithfully served their Old-God masters. When the Old Gods were defeated by the coming of the Titans, the Elementals were banished to an alternate plane of existence. Over time the world became Azeroth, where Human wizards learned how to call back the Elementals through the art of summoning. The Firelord is one of these liberated Elementals. Consumed by hatred for all organic life, he roams the world he once called home, sewing chaos, wreaking vengeance, and inflicting pain with extreme prejudice

The Firelord is a new Hero added in August, 2004. Try him out!


Soul Burn
Cast Type : Active  Ability Type:  Magical
Target Type : Unit Target  Damage Type:  Magic
Wreaths an enemy unit in magical flames which cause damage over time, prevent the casting of spells, and reduce attack damage by 50%.
Cast Requirements : 85 12 s  Range:  700
Duration : 16 (7) / 18 (8) / 20 (9) s
Total Damage : 125/270/450
Damage per Second : 7.14/14.06/20.83
Attack Damage : -50%
Hotkey : B


  • Soul Burn is a versatile spell. Its primary use is to disable and kill heroes, but it can also be used to debuff powerful units like Frost Wyrms and Tauren, and to pick off fleeing units.
  • This ability can be used to interrupt spells.
Summon Lava Spawn
Cast Type : Active  Ability Type:  Magical
Target Type : No Target
Summons a Lava Spawn, a resilient and deadly fire creature. As a Lava Spawn deals damage, it consumes the flesh of its target, eventually splitting into two healthy Lava Spawns.
Cast Requirements : 150 32 s
Duration : 70 s
Summoned Unit : Lava Spawn (Level 1)/Lava Spawn (Level 2)/Lava Spawn (Level 3)
Attacks for Split : 15
Targets valid for Split : Enemy, Neutral, Air, Ground, Ward
Hotkey : W


  • Lava Spawn can be used to creep efficiently, as well as to stage a rush if you can get a large enough pack of Lava Spawns while creeping near an enemy base.
  • Lava Spawns require 15 successful attacks to split. Lava Spawns darken each time they split. Each level of Lava Spawn has the same starting color.

Cast Type : Arrow  Ability Type:  Magical
Target Type : Unit Target  Damage Type:  Physical
Each attack made is enchanced with living flames that cling to the target. These flames add a small amount of damage on the first attack, twice as much on the second attack, three times as much on the third attack, etc. If the unit dies while under this effect, it is incinerated, causing significant damage to all nearby hostile units.
Cast Requirements : 6
Bonus Damage : 2/3/4
Incineration Damage : 30/45/60
Hotkey : C


  • Incinerate can be used two ways. The first style is to use it to attack weak units, causing them to damage nearby units. If you switch targets correctly, you can get many explosions in a single battle. The other style is to focus it exclusively on high hit point units and heroes, allowing the cumulative damage to really add up. This style is also useful against worker units.
  • Incinerate’s explosion only hurts hostile units.
Cast Type : Channel  Ability Type:  Universal
Target Type : Area Target  Damage Type:  Universal
Causes the ground to erupt into a massive Volcano. Every 5 seconds, a wave of molten rocks is hurled from the Volcano at nearby ground units and buildings, causing 100 damage to each target and stunning it for 2 seconds. Buildings take 2 times more damage from molten rocks than units do.
Cast Requirements : 200 180 s  Range:  800
Area of Effect : 500
Duration : 40 s
Full Damage : 100
Stun Duration (Hero) : 2 (1) seconds
Number of Waves : 8
Wave Interval : 5 seconds
Hotkey : V


  • Volcano is typically used to destroy bases, but it can also be used against clustered units, or if you are really desperate, to disrupt channel spells


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