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[e][h] Foggy
Player Information
Андрей Корень
Romanized Name:
Andriy Koren
April 12, 1993 (1993-04-12) (age 25)
Approx. Earnings 2018:
Alternate IDs:

Andriy "Foggy" Koren is a Night Elf player and caster from Ukraine.


Foggy started to stream and became a more known WarCraft III player in 2015.

He qualified for WCA Germany 2015, but his visa was denied and the slot was given to yAwS (in the end Yaws took 2nd place in the World Championship). In the following open qualifier Foggy lost to OrcWorker.

In 2016, Foggy won WCA Europe, beating yAwS and OrcWorker and took first place. It was his first victory in a major competition. However, at the WCA Main Event he lost three of his four group stage matches, and was eliminated.

In 2018, Foggy was nominated for the GreatGamers of the Year Award and reached the Top 4 alongside Neeb, Innovation and Flash.

Golden Championship Series[edit]

Traveling directly from WCA to GCS 2016 Fall, he immediately made a much better showing of himself. After falling to the lower bracket in the playoffs, he beat Romantic and WFZ to make it to the Lower Bracket Round 3. There, he beat one of the tournament favorites, TH000, winning the deciding map 3 with an unusual Warden/Tinker combination. He ended in 3rd place.

This was the start of a good run of results in the GCS. He followed up his GCS 2016 Fall result, with another 3rd place finish in GCS 2017 Summer, and then improving that further with a 2nd place in GCS 2017 Winter. This was enough to qualify him to the GCS 2017 Grand Final as the first Night Elf and as the first westerner.

Weekly Cups[edit]

Cup 1st 2nd Earnings
Gera Cup Gera Cup 17 22 $2,035
Ifeng Cup Ifeng Cup 9 4 $1,537
MooCup MooCup 7 3 $407
Golden Cup 3 4 $384
Hols Cup Hols Cup (Weekly cup) 0 1 $177
KaLaXa Cup 0 1 $0


Date Place Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-06-10 A55 - 8th A1Premier GCS 2018 Summer- Grand Finals 0 : 3 China  Infi $782
2018-05-31 A11st A3Minor Rudan Cup 2 : 1 South Korea  Lucifer $313
2018-04-08 A22nd A2Major OTOMADS Cup 2 : 3 South Korea  Lyn $794
2017-12-16 A11st A3Minor Senniu Team Cup - Season 2 Team 120 $300
2017-11-19 A22nd A1Premier GCS 2017 Winter - Grand Finals 3 : 4 China  TH000 $3,014
2017-10-28 A11st A3Minor Ena Cup 5 3 : 0 South Korea  Chaemiko $425
2017-08-22 A33rd A1Premier GCS 2017 Summer - Grand Finals 0 : 2 China  120 $1,500
2017-01-01 A33rd A1Premier GCS 2016 Fall - Grand Finals 0 : 2 South Korea  Lyn $1,440
2016-08-18 A11st A2Major World Cyber Arena 2016 European Qualifier 3 : 2 Belarus  OrcWorker $7,615
2016-06-02 A77 - 8th A1Premier GCS 2016 Spring - Grand Finals 1 : 2 China  Yumiko $761
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