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Food is a resource that controls the amount of units a player can train. A player's food is displayed as Current Food/Food Cap.
Current Food is the sum of food every unit of the player costs plus the food cost of every unit that is currently being trained by the player, but not queued.
Food Cap is the sum of food provided by all finished buildings of the player.

Unlike other resources food does not have to be paied when a unit is trained, but the unit increases the current food as long as it is alive.

Current Food can be used to measure the strength of a player's army.

Food Cap[edit]

Food is provided by the Main Building and specific food supply buildings. Food cap cannot exceed the food limit of 100.

Food Supply Buildings[edit]

Building Food Provided
Farm 6
Moon Well 10
Orc Burrow 10
Ziggurat 10


A player's current food influences the gold income.

For more information read: Upkeep