Goblin Merchant

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[e][h]Goblin Merchant
Building Information
 50  3
  • Mechanical
  • neutral
Formation Rank:
Acquisition Range:
Selection Priorty:

Goblin Merchant, or Shop, is a neutral building that sells items, and is included on almost all maps. Interactions with the shop are important throughout the game, as it is in many cases the only way to acquire key items such as Boots of Speed, Staff of Teleportation, Scroll of Healing or Potion of Lesser Invulnerability.

Items Sold[edit]

Boots of Speed Boots of Speed 2502220s60s
Dust of Appearance Dust of Appearance 7510s60s
Potion of Invisibility Potion of Invisibility 1001440s120s
Potion of Lesser Invulnerability Potion of Lesser Invulnerability 1501440s120s
Scroll of Healing Scroll of HealingBlack Citadel (Tomb of Relics only) 2502440s120s
Scroll of Protection Scroll of Protection 1502440s120s
Scroll of Town Portal Scroll of Town PortalTier 2 3252440s120s
Staff of Teleportation Staff of Teleportation 1501220s120s
Tome of Retraining Tome of Retraining 2001440s120s

Shop Control[edit]

Shop Control means ensuring to get important items from the Goblin Merchant. Items of particular contention are Boots of Speed, Potion of Invulnerability and Scroll of Healing. There are multiple possibilities to get shop control. By having Map Control a player can stay close to the Goblin Merchant and prevent the opponent from getting to the shop. The right timings are very important for getting the items before the opponent. High mobility heroes like the Blademaster and items such as Boots of Speed or the Staff of Teleportation can help to get to the shop.

Shop Control is especially important on Echo Isles, because there is only one shop on the map. If a player manages to get Boots of Speed for a powerful melee Hero such as the Blademaster or the Demon Hunter, the player will be able to chase down the enemy hero and get map control in the early game.

A player can buy items from the shop in order to increase the strength of his army without having to spend lumber or go into upkeep.

Spells & Abilities[edit]

Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Renders this unit invulnerable.
Effect : Invulnerability

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
VersionReleaseBalance Changes
  • Neutral Boots of Speed Stock Maximum, Stock Replenish Interval, and Stock Start Delay reverted to 1.28.
  • Neutral Boots of Speed now have a stock of 2 at game start.
  • Nerf To purchase from a neutral shop or Mercenary Camp, a valid unit or Hero must now be within 450 distance units, down from 600 distance units. Note that this change does not affect racial shops.
  • Nerf Boots of Speed now cost 250 gold, up from 150 gold. They are not available until the first nightfall, and are now considered a level-3 permanent item, up from level 2.
  • Neutral You can now sell items at the Goblin Merchant by right-clicking on an item, and then "dropping" it onto a Goblin Merchant.
  • Neutral Added the ability to see the inventory of the purchasing Hero when the shop is selected.
  • Neutral Shops have been given an improved interface which now allow players to select which Hero or unit is purchasing items, units, or services.

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