[e][h] GodFather
Player Information
Валентин Атанасов
Romanized Name:
Valentin Atanasov
September 24, 1992 (1992-09-24) (age 26)
Approx. Earnings 2019:
Alternate IDs:
Warcraft III:
2004-01-01 - Current

Valentin "GodFather" Atanasov (born September 24, 1992) is an active Bulgarian Undead player, currently playing for Run Bi7ch Run.


GodFather started playing Warcraft III in 2004. His favourite player at that time was MaDFroG, so he picked Undead as his main race. He joined clan rbr the same year, but he didn't make it to the first squad until 2006. At that time he was one of the most promising young players in Bulgaria, and was trained for a while by the Korean Undead legend Sweet.

GodFather made it to the final of Bulgaria's WCG Qualifiers in 2008, after finishing second in the WCG 2008 Bulgaria Online Qualifier 2, losing to Thrall[1]. He then finished fifth at the WCG 2008 Bulgaria Finals[2].

In 2010 he became inactive, and only returned to Warcraft III in late 2015.


  • His nickname comes from the movie "The Godfather" since he is fan of the Russian Mafia.
  • He chose to play Undead after he watched MaDFroG on TV.
  • He is cousin to Shorty.


Date Place Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2019-04-14 A33 - 4th A7Qualifier WCG 2019 - Bulgaria Qualifier 0 : 2 Bulgaria  Lubber -
2019-01-26 A66th A3Tier 3 National Warcraft League 2018 0-5 Grp. S. $0
2017-09-09 A77 - 8th A7Qualifier Balkan League Qualifier 1 $0
2016-10-30 A55 - 8th A3Tier 3 New WarCraft 3 League - Season 5 4 - 8 $0
2008-08-12 A55 - 6th A7Qualifier World Cyber Games 2008 Bulgaria $0
2008-06-30 A22nd A7Qualifier World Cyber Games 2008 Bulgaria Pre-Qualifier 2 $0
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