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[e][h] Grubby
Player Information
Manuel Schenkhuizen
May 11, 1986 (1986-05-11) (age 32)
Approx. Earnings 2018:
Alternate IDs:
King of Orcs
WarCraft III Champions League/Season IV World Cyber Games/2004 WarCraft III Champions League/Season VII Electronic Sports World Cup/2005 BlizzCon/2005WarCraft III Champions League/Season VIII WarCraft III Champions League/Season XDreamHack/Winter/2007WarCraft III Champions League/Season XIII World Cyber Games/2008 World e-Sports Masters/2009
2004 — 2008
2008-01-23 — 2009-01-29
2009-02-18 — 2009-04-17
2009-04-17 — 2011-03-29
2011 — Present

Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen (Dutch: ['manyɛl 'sxɛŋk,hœyzən]) is a former Warcraft III World Champion from the Netherlands.


Grubby is a Dutch professional PC gamer. He has been competing in eSports in the real-time strategy games Warcraft III and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne as well as Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. As an Orc player in Warcraft, Schenkhuizen has won more than 38 LAN tournaments, of which 6 are World Championships, which has led to him being known as the King of Orcs even after his transition to StarCraft II.[1] Grubby has been known for being part of one of the most successful WC3 teams in history, namely the British 4Kings. Later teams include the Danish MeetYourMakers and the North American Evil Geniuses. Grubby enjoys a large fan base throughout the world and especially in China, one of the hotbeds of Warcraft. He's sometimes characterized as being not one of the fastest players, but one that compensates with smart and effective play styles.

Grubby's first experience playing computer games was at around age three or four giving him an early start in gaming. Grubby's first experience with an RTS game was with Populous 2, released in 1991, where you play a god guiding your subjects. He continued to play many games such as StarCraft I, including Brood War, before moving to the Warcraft III competitive scene. His first competition was in 2003 at age 17, at a LAN party of around 1000 people. The Warcraft III competition consisted entirely of Dutch players except the Danish player playing for Grubby's future team, MYM, Bjarke. Grubby made it to the finals to meet MYM]Bjarke and compete for the €200 prize. Grubby ended up winning the competition and taking the prize before becoming a progamer at age 18.

His Warcraft career included a famous rivalry with Moon, and within that, two of his most famous victories. First was a 3-1 upset of Moon at the World E-Sports Games in Hangzhou in 2006 that was Moon's first defeat in 29 matches in the Night Elf vs. Orc matchup and led to Chinese fans rushing the stage to congratulate him.[2] Then came his second WCG championship in 2008 in Cologne, where he bested Moon in three games.[3] In August 2013, The Daily Dot listed him as one of the 10 greatest players in eSports history alongside the likes of Boxer, Moon and Flash.[4]

Grubby met his wife, Cassandra Ng Schenkhuizen, at WCG 2005, where he played WC3 and finished third.[5] At BlizzCon 2009, he proposed to her on-stage after the award ceremony, and they subsequently married in May 2010. Cassandra currently works as Grubby's manager and supports him in his career.


  • His name comes from when he played Dungeons and Dragons with his older brothers. Originally "Grubtor Steelheart", he was given the nickname "Grubby" when playing with others over the internet, later he kept the nickname replacing his original. At the time he wasn't aware of the English meaning of the word and claims to be unsure as to whether he would have kept it had he known at the time.[6]
  • He played the Orc race in Warcraft III and is known as the "King Of Orcs" even after his transition to StarCraft.
  • Has ranked in the top 10 Warcraft III players in terms of winnings each year since 2004.[7]
  • Featured in the film "Beyond the Game", which covered his Warcraft rivalry with Xiaofeng Li (Sky).[8]

Weekly Cups[edit]

Cup 1st 2nd Earnings
Zotac Cup Zotac Cup 18 5 $2,545
InGame InGame Warcraft Cup 8 0 $3,327
Go4WC3 Cup 4 0 $711


Date Place Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2010-08-14 A11st A1Premier World e-Sports Games: e-Stars 2010 Continental Cup 3 : 1 $7,600
2009-12-19 A11st A1Premier World e-Sports Masters 2009 2 : 1 South Korea  Moon $14,000
2009-08-23 A22nd A1Premier BlizzCon 2009 1 : 2 South Korea  Lyn $10,000
2009-07-26 A11st A1Premier World e-Sports Games: e-Stars 2009 King of the Game 3 : 0 South Korea  Lyn $5,617
2008-11-09 A11st A1Premier World Cyber Games 2008 2 : 1 South Korea  Moon $19,000
2006-12-10 A11st A1Premier World Series of Video Games 2006 2 : 0 South Korea  Sweet $20,000
2005-10-29 A11st A1Premier BlizzCon 2005 2 : 0 South Korea  Zacard $10,000
2005-07-10 A11st A1Premier Electronic Sports World Cup 2005 2 : 0 Russia  Deadman $13,000
2004-10-10 A11st A1Premier World Cyber Games 2004 2 : 1 South Korea  Zacard $25,000
2004-01-12 A11st A1Premier Cyber X Gaming 2 : 0 USA  Wizard $10,000
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