Gryphon Rider

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[e][h] Gryphon Rider
Unit Information
Built From:
Build Time:
280 70 4
875 (975)
0 (6)
0.25 (always)
1600 / 900
Acquisition Range:
Selection Priorty:
Formation Rank:
Turn Rate:
Move Type:
Collision Size:
45 - 55 (48 - 88)
45 - 55 (48 - 88)
Area Targets:
  • ground
  • structure
  • enemy
  • debris
  • ground
  • structure
  • debris
  • item
  • ward
  • air

The wild dwarves of the Aerie Peaks have once again responded to the call and brought their mighty gryphons to aid the besieged Alliance in its time of need. Armed with their trusty, lightning-powered Stormhammers, the hearty dwarves seek to keep the skies of Lordaeron free from enemy forces. The proud gryphons share their riders’ implacable resolve and stand as noble symbols of the Alliance’s fortitude.

Powerful flying creature, mounted by a Dwarven hammer-thrower. Can learn Storm hammers ability. Attacks land and air units.

Gryphon Riders are typically used as supporting units with an army or players create a bunch of them to surprise the enemy as they did in Warcraft II. If the enemy for example has a bunch of Huntresses and no Archers they are in a position to be weak to air units. If you create 2-3 Gryphon Aviaries and create a group of Gryphons you can catch the player without any defenses. The key is to not let the enemy know what you are up to. To do this you can hide the Gryphon Aviaries or at least try to hide the Gryphons until you have a bunch of them.

Gryphons can be useful for hit-and-run attacks on enemy expansions. Take advantage of trees and water to hover over where ground units cannot reach them. If you have to run, run to areas that ground units cannot reach or to the safety of towers.

Don't build a bunch of Gryphons if the enemy has a lot of ranged units waiting for them. If the enemy has a lot of Crypt Fiends it's not wise to use Gryphons against them except in a hit-and-run manner. Gryphon Riders do splash damage.

Spells & Abilities[edit]

Storm Hammers
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Causes Gryphon Riders' hammers to strike through their target at the next opponent, dealing damage to both. Storm Hammers do not work on air units.
Upgrade: Storm Hammers
Cost : 125 225  Research Time:  45
Researched at : Gryphon Aviary
 Hotkey : H
Requirements : Castle


  • Storm Hammers deals damage in a line (limited to about 250 range) so if the Gryphon Rider is positioned poorly then the passive will not work. If the enemies are clump up very close to each other then the position of the attack does not need to be perfect.
  • There is a damage penalty of 20% each time it affects an enemy unit (Like Huntress' Moon Glaive).
Animal War Training
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Increases the maximum hit points of Knights, Dragonhawk Riders, and Gryphon Riders by 100.
Hit Point Bonus : 100
Upgrade: Animal War Training
Cost : 125 125  Research Time:  40
Researched at : Barracks (Human)
 Hotkey : A
Requirements : Lumber MillCastleBlacksmith


Iron Forged Swords
Increases the attack damage of Militia, Footmen, Spell Breakers, Dragonhawk Riders, Gryphon Riders and Knights.
Researched at : Blacksmith
 Hotkey : S
Cost : 100 50  Research Time:  60
Damage Dice Bonus : 1
Steel Forged Swords
Cost : 175 175  Research Time:  75
Requires : Keep
Damage Dice Bonus : 2
Mithril Forged Swords
Cost : 250 300  Research Time:  90
Requires : Castle
Damage Dice Bonus : 3
Studded Leather Armor
Increases the armor of Riflemen, Mortar Teams, Dragonhawk Riders and Gryphon Riders.
Researched at : Blacksmith
 Hotkey : A
Cost : 100 100  Research Time:  60
Armor Bonus : 2
Reinforced Leather Armor
Cost : 150 175  Research Time:  75
Requires : Keep
Armor Bonus : 4
Dragonhide Armor
Cost : 200 250  Research Time:  90
Requires : Castle
Armor Bonus : 6

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Neutral When "attack-moving", air units now prefer to attack other air units more often than previously.
  • Neutral Flying Unit Improvements: We have turned off collision detection for flying units so that they can now easily pass through each other. This will allow air units to move about more smoothly than before. We have also added "separation behavior" so air units will break out of clusters once they reach a destination.