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[e][h]HOT ELITE 2018
Team Information
France Toxigrinta , Germany Muffy, Austria TomToast

Team HOT ELITE 2018 was founded in early 2018. ena1337 is the creator, Toxigrinta is the current leader and Muffy & TomToast are the co-leaders.

In January 2020 the team was merged into Hot Emo 1337 with Warriors of the Night.



Inactive players
deGermany o Spaten 2018-01-04
atAustria o Pure 2018-02-11
frFrance h Noexxx 2018-01-24
deGermany n Trunkz 2018-01-04
deGermany h QQs 2018-07-19
cnChina h DreAm 2018-10-03
ID Name Join Date


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date Hire Date New Team
kzKazakhstan u DV Ruslan 2018-05-24 2019-02-26 SQUELCH KOMMANDO
usUSA h PriesT Jonathan Walker 2018-07-01 2018-11-11 DuSt Gaming
usUSA h PriesT Jonathan Walker 2019-06-11 Bremen eSports
nzNew Zealand u SaysO Nicholas Bidwell 2018-05-15 2018-12-04 RAGE Esports
frFrance h ToD Yoan Merlo 2018-02-21 2018-06-12 Youth
mdMoldova h Blade Vadim Gundiuc 2018-05-29 2018-10-28
deGermany h RemosMutter 2018-08-26 2019-02-26
usUSA h aventador 2018-06-29 2019-12-12 DuSt Gaming
ruRussia o CheerOn Miroslav Ivanchikov 2018-05-12 2019-08-14 n1 Gaming
rsSerbia h AtheistP Pavle Veljković 2019-05-28 n1 Gaming
deGermany r Aang 2018-01-04
deGermany n Muffy 2018-01-02 Hot Emo 1337
atAustria n TomToast 2018-01-22 Hot Emo 1337
deGermany o Edek 2018-03-16 Hot Emo 1337
frFrance n Toxigrinta Clan France
nlNetherlands h Ikbencool Tony Hollaar 2019-05-14 Hot Emo 1337
deGermany h RiplEy 2019-04-30 Hot Emo 1337
auAustralia o trickSy Ross Jones 2018-06-24 Hyperion
ruRussia o Ostone 2018-09-11
deGermany h Schappi 2019-08-18
frFrance n blaST9Z Mikaël Miesch 2019-12-07 Hot Emo 1337
alAlbania o ena1337 2018-01-02 Hot Emo 1337


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize ($)
2019-12-01 A55th A3Tier 3 League - Season 2 - Division 2 $
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