Halls of the Dead

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[e][h] Halls of the Dead
Building Information
Build Time:
320 210
Food supplied:
1200 / 800
Acquisition Range:
Selection Priorty:
  • TownHall
  • undead
  • Mechanical
Upgrades available:
Upgrades to:
Pathing Map
11 - 12
  • ground
  • structure
  • debris
  • air
  • item
  • ward

Upgrade to Halls of the Dead to enable the production of additional types of structures and units.

Attacks land and air units.

Spells & Abilities[edit]

Blight Growth Large
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Creates Blight around the building once it finishes construction.
Area of Effect : 960
Return Lumber
Cast Type : Passive
Serves as a drop-off point for harvested lumber.
Frost Attack
Cast Type : Orb  Ability Type:  Physical
Target Type : No Target
Adds a cold effect to this unit's attacks that slows enemy units' movement speed.
Targets Allowed : Air, Ground
Duration : 5 s
Buff : Slowed

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.30.0 Buff Necropolis cost reduced from 255 to 225 gold.
1.17 Buff The experience bonus for having a single Hero and owning a tier-2 or tier-3 town hall has been increased to +15%/+30% from +10%/+20%.
1.10 Neutral At tiers 2 and 3, a player who owns only one Hero (dead Heroes count) will gain bonus experience. This bonus is 10% at tier 2, and 20% at tier 3. This affects all experience gain--both from killing creeps and enemy units.
Neutral Halls of the Dead and Black Citadel deal one quarter as much damage as previously, but now possess a frost attack similar to that of Nerubian Towers.
1.06 Buff Necropolis cost reduced to 300 gold, down from 350 gold.
Nerf Halls of the Dead now has 1750 hitpoints, down from 2000.