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Legendary Heroes lead powerful armies while they complete quests, gain experience and acquire special items. As the core of each race's force, Heroes have the ability to advance in levels, learn new spells and abilities and confer special benefits to nearby units.

Resource Cost[edit]

New Hero[edit]

Altar Hero Tavern Hero
First Hero 5 5
Second Hero 400 135 5 425 135 5
Third Hero 400 135 5 425 135 5

Hero Revival[edit]

Altar Revival Tavern Revival
Hero Level Cost Time Cost Time
1 170 33s 340 80 Instant
2 210 66s 425 100 Instant
3 255 99s 510 120 Instant
4 295 110s 595 140 Instant
5 340 110s 680 160 Instant
6 380 110s 765 180 Instant
7 425 110s 850 200 Instant
8 465 110s 935 220 Instant
9 510 110s 1020 240 Instant
10 550 110s 1105 260 Instant

List of Heroes[edit]

Hero Primary Attribute Abilities
Alchemist Alchemist Strength Acid Bomb Chemical Rage Healing Spray Transmute 
Archmage Archmage Intelligence Blizzard Brilliance Aura Mass Teleport Summon Water Elemental 
Beastmaster Beastmaster Strength Stampede Summon Bear Summon Hawk Summon Quilbeast 
Blademaster Blademaster Agility Bladestorm Critical Strike Mirror Image Wind Walk 
Blood Mage Blood Mage Intelligence Banish Flame Strike Phoenix Siphon Mana 
Crypt Lord Crypt Lord Strength Carrion Beetles Impale Locust Swarm Spiked Carapace 
Dark Ranger Dark Ranger Agility Black Arrow Charm Life Drain Silence 
Death Knight Death Knight Strength Animate Dead Death Coil Death Pact Unholy Aura 
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Agility Evasion Immolation Mana Burn Metamorphosis 
Dreadlord Dreadlord Strength Carrion Swarm Inferno Sleep Vampiric Aura 
Far Seer Far Seer Intelligence Chain Lightning Earthquake Far Sight Feral Spirit 
Firelord Firelord Agility Incinerate Soul Burn Summon Lava Spawn Volcano 
Keeper of the Grove Keeper of the Grove Intelligence Entangling Roots Force of Nature Thorns Aura Tranquility 
Lich Lich Intelligence Dark Ritual Death and Decay Frost Armor Frost Nova 
Mountain King Mountain King Strength Avatar Bash Storm Bolt Thunder Clap 
Naga Sea Witch Naga Sea Witch Intelligence Forked Lightning Frost Arrows Mana Shield Tornado 
Paladin Paladin Strength Devotion Aura Divine Shield Holy Light Resurrection 
Pandaren Brewmaster Pandaren Brewmaster Strength Breath of Fire Drunken Brawler Drunken Haze Storm, Earth, And Fire 
Pit Lord Pit Lord Strength Cleaving Attack Doom Howl of Terror Rain of Fire 
Priestess of the Moon Priestess of the Moon Agility Scout Searing Arrows Starfall Trueshot Aura 
Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunter Agility Big Bad Voodoo Healing Wave Hex Serpent Ward 
Tauren Chieftain Tauren Chieftain Strength Endurance Aura Reincarnation Shockwave War Stomp 
Tinker Tinker Intelligence Cluster Rockets Engineering Upgrade Pocket Factory Robo-Goblin 
Warden Warden Agility Blink Fan of Knives Shadow Strike Vengeance 


Hero stats consist of three attributes, Strength, Agility and Intelligence. By leveling up heroes gain additional points of their attributes. The starting attributes and the gain per levelmfor each hero is shown on the respective hero page.


Main Article: Strength

Each point of strength increases the maximum hit points by 25 and the hit point regeneration by 0.05 hit points per second.

It also increases base attack damage by 1, if strength is the primary attribute of the hero.


Main Article: Agility

Each point of agility increases armor by 0.3 and attack speed by 2%.

It also increases base attack damage by 1, if agility is the primary attribute of the hero.


Main Article: Intelligence

Each point if intelligence increases maximum mana by 15 and mana regeneration by 0.05 mana per second.

It also increases base attack damage by 1, if intelligence is the primary attribute of the hero.


Main Article: Experience

One of the things that make a Hero unique is his ability to gain experience levels and become better over time. Any Hero will gain experience points for every accomplishment on the game map (usually kills) that they or any nearby unit do. When a Hero accumulates enough experience points, they will advance to the next level, and you can choose a new ability for that Hero.


Main Article: Items

Apart from gained attributes items make heroes stronger. Each hero an carry up to six items. Items are dropped by Creeps or can be purchased in Item Shops

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