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Hit Points

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Hit Points is the Primary resource of units, that is needed to survive. If a unit has less then 0.405 hit points, it will die. Hit Points of heroes is increased by Strength.
All units have Hit Points.

Hit Points Loss[edit]

Hit Points are lost, when the unit takes damage.

Using Hit Points[edit]

Hit Points can also be used for some abilities. Death Pact and Dark Ritual kill a unit and convert its Hit Points into Hit Points or Mana.

Hit Points Gain[edit]

Hit Points can be gained by a lot of sources. Most units have a natural regeneration, that restores Hit Points over time. The Phoenix is the only unit with negative Hit Point regeneration. Most Undead units only regenerate Hit Points on blight and most Night Elf units only regenerate Hit Points during the night.

Hit Points Regeneration[edit]

Hit Points Restoration[edit]

Hit Points Items[edit]

Maximum Hit Points[edit]

Increasing the maximum amount of Hit Points of a unit does not change its relative Hit Points. This means, that gaining Hit Points is more efficient while maximum Hit Points is low and losing Hit Points is less harming while maximum Hit Points is high.
It is therefore recommended to drop items, that increase the maximum Hit Points while the unit's Hit Points are restored. The absolute bonus Hit Points by doing so are given by

regenerated HP · Bonus through item/Max HP - Bonus through item