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Human is one of four playable races in Warcraft 3.

The noble warriors of humanity employ both a strong military and powerful magics in the defense of their shining kingdoms. Both knights and wizards fight side by side on the field of battle against those who would threaten the sanctity and peace of the Alliance. Although the Alliance has all but fallen apart, the valiant citizens of Azeroth and Lordaeron have once again taken up arms against the enemies of humanity.


  • The workers of the Human Alliance can be converted into Militia when the need arises.
  • Humans can speed up the construction of a building by tasking extra Peasants to repair the structure.
  • Humans can improve the armor and durability of their structures at the Lumber Mill with the Improved Masonry technologies.
  • Two upgrades can be researched at the Lumber Mill to improve the wood gathering of the Human Alliance.
  • The Humans are the masters of Invisibility.
  • The Humans can resurrect their troops.
  • The Humans' Defend ability is very effective vs ranged troops.
  • The Humans have the best Towers with full upgrades.
  • Humans can Teleport around with a Level 6 Archmage and Invisibility.




Role Building
Main Building Town Hall
Food Supply Farm
Altar Altar of Kings
Shop Arcane Vault
Lumber Return Lumber Mill
Upgrades Blacksmith
Tower Scout Tower
Tier 1 Production Barracks
Tier 2 Production Arcane Sanctum
Tier 2 Production Workshop
Tier 3 Production Gryphon Aviary