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[e][h]Night Elf Huntress
Unit Information
Built From:
Ancient of War
 195 15}px 20  30  3
0.5 at Night
2 (8)
Formation Rank:
1400 / 800
Acquisition Range:
Selection Priorty:
Turn Rate:
Move Type:
Collision Size:
Cargo Size:
16 - 18 (19 - 27)
Area: 400
Targets: 2 (3)
Damage Loss: 0%
Area Targets:
  • ground
  • structure
  • debris
  • enemy
  • ground
  • structure
  • debris
  • item
  • ward

Huntresses are the elite cadre of the Sentinel army. Drawing their strength from the moon goddess, Elune, these warrior women ride the feral Nightsabre panthers into battle. Huntresses are strong, swift, and merciless to those who would defile the sanctity of Ashenvale Forest. Like all Night Elf women, Huntresses are able to Shadowmeld at night.


Huntresses are powerful early game untis, but very bad in the late game. Huntresses can be built on tier 1 to get map control, but doing so will delay the tech. There are mass Huntress strategies, that often also include getting an expansion.

In 2v2 Night Elf players often stay on tier 1 and only produce Huntresses, supporting their allies.

Spell & Abilities[edit]

Cast Type : Active
Target Type : No Target
Lie in wait for enemies without attacking. (Will respond to attacks). Units will hold position and hold their fire, so when they are Shadowmelding, they will not break their own invisibility. It's very handy for running away from a battle. The Hide ability is disabled during the day.
Fade Duration : 1.5 seconds
Hotkey : I
Cast Type : Active
Target Type : Tree Target
Send owl companion to a nearby tree and provide vision. Can see invisible units. Each Huntress only gets one Sentinel to use on a tree. So, once your Huntress uses her owl, she cannot get another one.
Duration : 300 s
Notes : Sentinel can be dispelled either by dispel effects or by damaging the tree on which it is cast.
Hotkey : E
Upgrade: Sentinel
Cost : 50 50  Research Time:  20
Researched at : Ancient of War
 Hotkey : S
Requirements : Hunter's Hall
Moon Glaive
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Gives the Huntress the ability to strike an additional unit with one attack by bouncing her glaive from one unit to the next.
Upgrade: Moon Glaive
Cost : 100 150  Research Time:  35
Researched at : Ancient of War
 Hotkey : G
Requirements : Hunter's HallTree of Ages


  • Glaives bouncing radius is 400.
  • Each bounce deals 50% less damage.
  • The Moon Glaive Upgrade adds an extra bounce for a total of two bounces.
Unit Inventory (Night Elf)
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Allows the unit to carry 2 items.
Item Capacity : 2
Notes : Items cannot be used by the unit and are dropped, if the unit dies.
Upgrade: Backpack (Night Elf)
Cost : 50 25  Research Time:  20
Researched at : Tree of Life
Requirements : Ancient of Wonders


Gives Night Elves the ability to see as far at night as they do during the day.
Researched at : Hunter's Hall
 Hotkey : U
Cost : 50 50  Research Time:  45
Requires : Tree of Ages
Strength of the Moon
Increases the damage of Archers, Huntresses, Glaive Throwers, and Hippogryph Riders.
Researched at : Hunter's Hall
 Hotkey : M
Cost : 125 75  Research Time:  60
Damage Dice Bonus : 1
Improved Strength of the Moon
Cost : 175 175  Research Time:  75
Requires : Tree of Ages
Damage Dice Bonus : 2
Advanced Strength of the Moon
Cost : 225 275  Research Time:  90
Requires : Tree of Eternity
Damage Dice Bonus : 3
Moon Armor
Increases the armor of Archers, Huntresses, and Hippogryph Riders.
Researched at : Hunter's Hall
 Hotkey : A
Cost : 150 75  Research Time:  60
Armor Bonus : 2
Improved Moon Armor
Cost : 200 150  Research Time:  75
Requires : Tree of Ages
Armor Bonus : 4
Advanced Moon Armor
Cost : 250 225  Research Time:  90
Requires : Tree of Eternity
Armor Bonus : 6


  • Huntresses are the only unit with bouncing attacks
  • Starshaped is known for using a lot of Huntresses in his strategies

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
VersionReleaseBalance Changes
  • Buff Sentinel research cost reduced from 100/100 to 50/50 gold/lumber.
  • Nerf The Huntress' bouncing attacks will no longer bounce back to the initial target.
  • Nerf Huntress damage reduced to 1d3+14 from 1d3+15.
  • Neutral Sentinel can now be removed from a tree with various dispels (Wand of Negation, Dryads, etc.), as well by attacking the tree with a peon or siege unit (previously, the tree had to be destroyed -- now it merely has to be damaged).