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Series Information
Number of editions:
Prize pool:
$ 245,830
July 25, 2005
November 3, 2012

The IEF, or International e-Sports Festival is a series of e-sports tournaments that began in 2005 with the 2005 CKCG, or China-Korea Cyber Games. As a collaborative effort between South Korea and China, IEF generally alternated in the location it was held between the two countries. The IEF later expanded to include participants from other nations in the years that followed. Highlights and a number of games were broadcast on MBCGame in South Korea, with some games featured on Afreeca and other online streaming services.


#Date 1st 2nd Third Fourth # 
China Korea Cyber Games 20052005-08-19South Korea  MoonSouth Korea  GoStopSouth Korea  SweetSouth Korea  Check16
20062006-09-28China  SkySouth Korea  GoStopSouth Korea  ReMinDSouth Korea  Susiria16
20072007-08-09China  InfiSouth Korea  LynChina  xiaOtSouth Korea  GoStop17
Masters 20072007-12-28France  ToDChina  xiaOtSouth Korea  MoonChina  Sky20
20082008-12-05South Korea  MoonChina  SkyFrance  ToDChina  Infi12
20092009-10-30China  Fly100%China  InfiChina  TH000China  TeD13
20102010-10-28China  InfiChina  Fly100%China  TH000Russia  Nicker19
20112011-10-07South Korea  MoonSouth Korea  LynChina  InfiSouth Korea  Lucifer20
20122012-11-02China  TH000South Korea  LynChina  InfiSouth Korea  Lucifer10

Hall of Fame[edit]

Player 1st 2ndEarnings
South Korea  Moon30$34,018
China  Infi21$42,215
China  Fly100%11$24,347
China  Sky11$31,232
France  ToD10$7,930
China  TH00010$24,765
South Korea  Lyn03$15,000
South Korea  GoStop02$17,148
China  xiaOt01$6,635