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[e][h]Ifeng Cup
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Phoenix Media
Phoenix Media
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The Ifeng Cup is a former chinese weekly cup organized and sponsored by Phoenix Media. It took place on week-end and was played on NetEase-servers. The cup started each Saturday with a single elimination bracket and was continued on Sunday, when the remaining 8 players face each other.

The cup has been running since july 2013, the prize pool was about CN¥ 2,300 (≃ $ 375) for every installment. Then, three years later, it has been gone down to CN¥ 1,000 (≃ $ 150) until the last edition in June 2017.

Hall of Fame[edit]

Player 1st 2ndEarnings
China  WFZ199$4,687
China  Yumiko179$3,909
China  TH000116$2,567
China  Romantic1014$3,469
China  XiaoKK98$2,642
Ukraine  Foggy94$1,546
China  Colorful88$2,207
China  Zhou_Xixi87$2,391
China  12083$2,035
South Korea  FoCuS76$1,170


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