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Intelligence is a hero attribute, that increases the amount of maximum mana and the mana regeneration of the hero.


  • Increases base attack damage by 1, if intelligence is the primary attribute
    Note: increased base attack damage results in more bonus damage from percentage damage increase
  • Increases maximum mana by 15
  • Increases mana regeneration by 0.05 mana per second
    Note: mana regneration from intelligence can be increased by Sobi Masks and Mana Stones.

Intelligence Heroes[edit]

The intelligence heroes, defined by having intelligence as their primary attribute, are

Hero Primary Attribute Abilities
Archmage Archmage Intelligence Blizzard Brilliance Aura Mass Teleport Summon Water Elemental 
Blood Mage Blood Mage Intelligence Banish Flame Strike Phoenix Siphon Mana 
Far Seer Far Seer Intelligence Chain Lightning Earthquake Far Sight Feral Spirit 
Keeper of the Grove Keeper of the Grove Intelligence Entangling Roots Force of Nature Thorns Aura Tranquility 
Lich Lich Intelligence Dark Ritual Death and Decay Frost Armor Frost Nova 
Naga Sea Witch Naga Sea Witch Intelligence Forked Lightning Frost Arrows Mana Shield Tornado 
Tinker Tinker Intelligence Cluster Rockets Engineering Upgrade Pocket Factory Robo-Goblin 


Intelligence Items[edit]


  • 15 points of intelligence give the same amount of mana regeneration as one level of Brilliance Aura, if the hero has no items, that increase mana regeneration
  • The Keeper of the Grove has the lowest intelligence on all levels of all intelligence heroes
  • The Naga Sea Witch has the highest starting intelligence of all heroes
  • The Lich has the highest intelligence at level 10
  • The Tinker is the only melee intelligence hero
  • The Dreadlord has the highest intelligence of all non-intelligence heroes