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Last Refuge

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[e][h]Last Refuge
Map Information
Lordaeron Summer
Spawn Positions:
2 at 1, 7
  • 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Competition Span:
March 2010 - present
Mercenary Camps:


Last Refuge is a two player map created by OmGan.
The Hinterlan or The Hinterlands was the previous name of the map.

Official Map Description[edit]

The Global Warming cannot be stopped and the last survivors turnout back to the upper Lands behind. Now, even the last dry lands are flooding and the last remainings are fighting for it.

Notable Features[edit]

  • The Goblin Merchant camps in the center line can drop Potion of Greater Mana or Potion of Greater Healing sometimes, making it a valuable camp to steal from the opponent.
  • Shallow water covering the center and the narrow pathing make it difficult to tower rush, tower creep, or proxy rush.
  • The Goblin Laboratory on the upper right can be cheesed by building 4-5 towers on the cliff. For some reason this does not wake up the creeps.


The map was created by OmGan in late 2009 - early 2010. It was first played on STG WarCraft Masters 2010, followed by ESL Pro Series Germany - Season XVI, a tournament with 10.550€ prize money. Despite the lack of data from the tournament, it quickly found love in the German scene, as it was played in every series in the offline playoffs. After that, it was included Dream Cup Season VII 1, though ESL abadonned it's Pro Series championships and the map fell into obscurity, only being played weekly from Zotac Cup 169 and on, until the 299th edition two years later.Eventually it was added in the map pool in the third edition eSports Champions League 2011 and was also in the Finals, meaning it was featured in a Tier 1 tournament for the first time, almost a year after it's debut.

In the next two years, Last Refuge appeared in various Tier 2 tournaments, but not as much in the top stage. In 2012, it was included in Stars War VII, the first season of G-League and Houxians Warcraft Day. The following year. the map got even more traction in the Chinese scene, as it was picked for World GameMaster Tournament, National Electronic Sports Tournament, WarCraft III E-Sports League and the VS Dafabet Cup, among others. It was also added in the map pool of w3arena, where progamers and casual players alike took note of the map from all around the world.

2014 was a big year for the map's growth. It was included in World Cyber Arena, the fourth highest-earning tournament currently and first at the time. There, it was tied with Twisted Meadows for the second most-played map and was played in the Grand Final between Infi and Yumiko. Other top tournaments of that year, such as World E-sport Championships included the map in their tournaments, among others. By the end of the year, it was established as one of the top maps of the scene. It was also included in World Cyber Arena the following year, as well as every Ifeng Cup after the 55th edition. It was always in the 1v1 NetEase map pool, and therefore part of every WGL and NeXT event.

In the following years, Last Refuge continued being one of the most known community maps, along with Amazonia and Ancient Isles. Despite not being part of the official Blizzard map pool, it kept being featured in tournament after tournament and amassed positive reviews from casual and pro players alike. Thus, in patch 1.29.0 it was included in the ladder, along with Amazonia. H & W China vs Korea Masters and World Cyber Games 2019 included Last Refuge, where it was the most played map in both of them.

Ever since the release of Reforged and the introduction of W3Champions, the map has been a part of both. It received an update so some bugs related to creep behavior were fixed. It is the most played map in all of the tournaments, exceeding 17.000 games during 2024. The map might not include anything rare, but it's narrow pathing, easy expansion and close Mercenary Path, make Last Refuge one of the most beloved maps of Warcraft 3.

Notable Games[edit]

China  Infi Seer Cup, Grand Final, game 3
South Korea  Lyn
Date: 2018-01-21
Patch: 1.28a Replay VOD
Non-representing  Neytpoh WGL 208 Winter - EU Qualifier 2, winner bracket semifinal, game 2
Germany  EnTe
Date: 2018-10-20
Patch: 1.30.1 Replay VOD
China  Lin Guagua NetEase ladder.
China  Dodo
Date: 2020-08-14
Patch: 1.32.8 Replay VOD

Creep Routes[edit]

For level 3 one can creep as follows:

  • The Gold Mine, Gnoll Camp, and any two of the three green camps.
  • The three green camps plus the Gold Mine.
  • The green Ogre Camp, the Mercenary Camp, and the Gold Mine.
  • The Goblin Merchant and any two of the three green camps.


Human vs. Night ElfNight Elf vs. OrcOrc vs. UndeadUndead vs. HumanOrc vs. HumanNight Elf vs. UndeadMirrors
Map#ΣHumanNight ElfHuman%ΣNight ElfOrcNight Elf%ΣOrcUndeadOrc%ΣUndeadHumanUndead%ΣOrcHumanOrc%ΣNight ElfUndeadNight Elf%HumanOrcUndeadNight Elf
Last Refuge1736824311195123649.2%2109119391656.6%161266394941.1%25301414111655.9%165076988146.6%30351455158047.9%94553411541368

Version History[edit]

Version 1.5[1][edit]

  • Removed wisp spots around main bases that were unintentionally introduced with v1.4.
  • NE players can now do a more forward wall-off.
  • The bottom mercenary camp is no longer unintentionally aggroed by passing units.
  • Placing wisps at the goblin laboratory no longer pulls Murlocs.

Version 1.4[3][edit]

  • Cleared up doodads' placement near several creepcamps, in particular the green camps. The goal was to remove small gaps where only units like footmen can pass through, and to make some of the creeps more easily reachable by melee units.
  • Moved the merc camps slightly outwards, to make it harder to pull into other camps and lessen the chance of the mud golem accidentally casting slow. Changed types of nearby trees and added some doodads to make it clear the surrounding area was changed.
  • Repositioned some critters, added a critter "behind" the western shop, so that the critters spawns are now symmetric and critters are less likely to run into creepcamps.
  • Swapped lvl 2 troll and lvl 3 trapper position at the southern lvl 2 charged camp. Redesigned layout of this camp.
  • Changed layout of the lvl 1 permanent murloc camps and moved them slightly, to make it harder to pull these creeps into nearby other camps.
  • Added more buildable terrain near the southern natural expansion, so that the building placement options are less asymmetric.
  • Also moved the southern natural expansion slighty further towards the east, so that its location/distance relative to other places of interest is more similar to the natural expansion in the north.
  • Several minor terrain updates in various places around the map, mostly with the goal of making the map more symmetric.
  • Changed the terrain leading to the northwestern turtle camp, so that there is space to build a tree of life there just like it is possible in the south.
  • Changed locations of starting positions and mines slightly, so that humans/orcs can use the peon mining trick similar to other maps, and undeads have the option to wall the gold mine with a single ziggurat.
  • Also redesigned some treelines in the main bases as a consequence.
  • Added some trees on the high ground in the north, so that after the redesign of the merc camp, you still have to chop down trees on the high ground before you can build there.
  • Added some alliance/horde banners near the main bases to further simplify identifying the new version.
  • Added more pathing blockers on islands to prevent building there.