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Hi, this is a tutorial how to create a tournament page, on the Liquipedia warcraft. You will find all available tools for tournament pages. There is only a short description of the features for each part of a tournament page. You will find a detailed tutorial for each sectoin in the following links. The fuchsia features are MANDATORY.



You can add a small summary of the event, like features regarding : organization, sponsoring, actual name (in homecountry language), etc. ...

Special features :

  • If it's a mutligame event, use {{Template:Liquipedia links}}.
  • If the pagename is not the one you want show, use {{DISPLAYTITLE:title you want show}}.
  • If the tournament is part of a series you can add a {{Navbox}}.
  • An infobox league, tutorial here.

Format and dates[edit]

You can add here precision about the format of the event and the match dates.

Prize pool[edit]

Detailed tutorial of the section here.

You can add a introductive text. For instance to detail special prize distribution, like a MVP or donation bonus. 

There is 3 prize pool templates one per "type" of event plus an "award" one:

Rules :

  • Team tournaments: add every team who took part.
  • 1v1 & 2v2 tournaments:
    • every single player/pair who earned prize money (or qualification points) must be added,
    • add all players/teams for Tier 2 or Tier 1 events,
    • we usually add 4 players/pairs for a Tier 3, monthly or weekly events,
    • For a qualifier (and if there is no further reward), we usually add 2 players/pairs.


Detailed tutorial of the section here.

You can/must add here the list of the players/teams who entered the tournament.

There is no participant table template for the solo events, you can copy paste from any Tier 1 event if needed.

  • The section is not important for the solo tournaments.
  • Skip the section for the 2v2 events (conflict with the prize pool table).
  • MANDATORY for the teams events, you can use either {{ClanCard}} or {{TeamCard}}.

Rules :

  • we usually add a participant section for 1v1 tournament, as soon it's a big tournament or an invitational one.
  • only add the players who actually played at least a match in a team roster.


Detailed tutorial of the section here (including the complete list of broadcaster Cards available).

Add here the list of channel broadcasting the tournament.

Rules :

  • we usually don't add the player streams, unless he's only streaming. An exception is made for Chinese when they are basically the only broadcasters we are aware of.


Add here the results of the tournament.

A detailed tutorial can be found depending on the tournament mode and the stage features :

N.B.:The match templates all use SemanticMediaWiki providing statistics. You can find the complete list here Category:Match templates.


You can add here statistics and distribution tables.

Rules :

External links[edit]

You can add here external links, like articles, VOD, references, reports, ect...

Empty code[edit]

{{Infobox league
|map2=Autumn Leaves
|map3=Concealed Hill
|map4=Echo Isles 2
|map5=Last Refuge
|map6=Northern Isles

===Map pool===
==Prize Pool==
 (≃ $ {{formatnum:{{#expr:{{#currencyexchange:0|EUR|USD|2023-01-01}}round 0}}}}) are spread among the players as seen below:
|{{Slot|localprize= |{{Opponent||race=|team=|lastvs={{Opponent||flag=|race=}} |lastvsscore= }}}}
|{{Slot|localprize= |{{Opponent||race=|team=|lastvs={{Opponent||flag=|race=}} |lastvsscore= }}}}
 |{{Opponent||race=|team=|lastvs={{Opponent||flag=|race=}} |lastvsscore= }}
 |{{Opponent||race=|team=|lastvs={{Opponent||flag=|race=}} |lastvsscore= }}

{| class="wikitable"
|style="width:190px;background-color:{{RaceColor|h}};text-align:center;" | '''{{h}} Human ''()'''''
|style="width:190px;background-color:{{RaceColor|o}};text-align:center;" | '''{{o}} Orc ''()'''''
|style="width:190px;background-color:{{RaceColor|u}};text-align:center;" | '''{{u}} Undead ''()'''''
|style="width:190px;background-color:{{RaceColor|n}};text-align:center;" | '''{{n}} Night Elf ''()'''''
! colspan=4 | 



==External links==
* [ Results]