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Lumber Mill

[e][h] Lumber Mill
Unit Information
Built From:
Build Time:
Hit Points:
900 (1170)
5 (8)
Sight Range:
900 / 600
Selection Priorty:
  • Mechanical
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades available:

The Lumber Mill is an alternative drop site for wood. It is also where technologies can be researched to improve Human lumber harvesting and the sturdiness of Human buildings.

Spells & Abilities[edit]

Blight Dispel Small
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Removes nearby Blight once the building finishes construction.
Area of Effect : 768
Notes : Only blight that was created by buildings and has no source buildings nearby can be removed with this ability.
Return Lumber
Cast Type : Passive
Serves as a drop-off point for harvested lumber.


Improved Masonry
Increases the armor and hit points of Human buildings.
Researched at : Lumber Mill
 Hotkey : M
Cost : 125 50  Research Time:  60
Hit Point Bonus : 10%
Armor Bonus : 1
Advanced Masonry
Cost : 150 75  Research Time:  75
Requires : Keep
Hit Point Bonus : 20%
Armor Bonus : 2
Imbued Masonry
Cost : 175 100  Research Time:  90
Requires : Castle
Hit Point Bonus : 30%
Armor Bonus : 3

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.10 Buff Lumber Mill cost reduced to 120 from 145.
Buff Lumber upgrade now gives +10 lumber capacity per level of the upgrade, up from +5 lumber capacity per level of the upgrade.