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Mana is the secondary resource of units, that is primarily used to cast abilities. A unit must have the required amount of mana points in order to cast the ability.

Mana of heroes is increased by Intelligence.
Not all units have Mana.

Mana Loss[edit]

Mana can be lost by a lot of sources. Most of the times Mana is spent in order to cast a certain ability. However it is also possible to drain Mana from other units.


Varying Mana Costs[edit]

Draining Mana[edit]

Mana Gain[edit]

Mana can be gained by a lot of sources. Most units with Mana have a natural regeneration, that restores Mana over time. The Destroyer is the only unit with negative Mana regeneration and the Moon Well only regenerates Mana during the night.

Mana Regeneration[edit]

Mana Restoration[edit]

Mana Items[edit]

Maximum Mana[edit]

Increasing the maximum amount of Mana of a unit does not change its relative Mana. This means, that gaining Mana is more efficient while maximum Mana is low and losing Mana is less harming while maximum Mana is high.
It is therefore recommended to drop items, that increase the maximum Mana while the unit's Mana is restored. The absolute bonus Mana by doing so is given by

regenerated Mana · Bonus through item/Max Mana - Bonus through item