Meat Wagon

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[e][h] Meat Wagon
Unit Information
Built From:
Build Time:
230 50 4
1400 / 1200
Acquisition Range:
  • Mechanical
Selection Priorty:
Formation Rank:
Turn Rate:
Move Type:
Collision Size:
Cargo Size:
71 - 88 (74 - 142)
71 - 88 (74 - 142)
Full Dmg: 25
40% Dmg: 50
25% Dmg: 150
Area Targets:
  • ground
  • structure
  • debris
  • tree
  • wall
  • ground
  • debris
  • tree
  • wall
  • item
  • ward
  • structure

One of the strangest and most dire tools utilized by the undead Scourge is the dreaded Meat Wagon. This rickety contraption is used to collect and store recently slain corpses from the field of battle. At any time, corpses can be pulled from the Meat Wagon and raised into undead warriors. The Meat Wagon can also 'fling' diseased corpses at enemy units by use of a crude catapult device. An invaluable support vehicle for the Scourge, the Meat Wagon strikes fear and woe into the hearts of even the most resolute defenders.

Corpse storage machine. Also serves as long-range siege weaponry. Exceptional damage versus buildings, but slow and vulnerable. Can learn the Disease Cloud ability. Attacks land units and trees.

Meat Wagons can pick up to a total of 8 Corpses. They can also drop Corpses. An advanced strategy is to collect corpses then dump them in front of enemy towns to make Skeleton Warriors.

Meat Wagons use a Meat-A-Pult™ to fling Corpses at the enemy.

Be sure to research Disease Cloud Aura so that you can infect the enemy with annoying disease. =)

Meat Wagons have a minimum range which means they cannot attack melee units or any units right next to them. You will have to move them away to hit targets right next to them.

Bring Acolytes with Meat Wagons to repair them during and after battle.

Spells & Abilities[edit]

Get Corpse
Cast Type : Autocast  Ability Type:  Physical
Target Type : No Target
Picks up a nearby corpse for later use.
Range : 100
Area of Effect : 600
Capacity : 8
Hotkey : C
Drop All Corpses
Cast Type : Active  Ability Type:  Physical
Target Type : No Target
Drops all corpses for immediate use.
Hotkey : D
Disease Cloud
Cast Type : Passive  Ability Type:  Physical
Target Type : No Target  Damage Type:  Universal
Drops a Disease Cloud with each attack. Disease Cloud deals 2 damage per second.
Lasts 90 seconds.
Targets Allowed : Ground, Enemy, Strukture, Debris, Tree, Organic, Neutral
Duration : 90 s
Damage : 2 per second
Upgrade: Disease Cloud
Cost : 100 200  Research Time:  45
Researched at : Slaughterhouse
 Hotkey : D
Exhume Corpses
Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Generates a Crypt Fiend corpse within the Meat Wagon every 15 seconds.
Spawn interval : 15 seconds
Upgrade: Exhume Corpses
Cost : 75 50  Research Time:  20
Researched at : Slaughterhouse
 Hotkey : E
Requirements : Halls of the Dead


Unholy Strength
Increases the attack damage of Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeletal Mages.
Researched at : Graveyard
 Hotkey : S
Cost : 125 50  Research Time:  60
Damage Dice Bonus : 1
Improved Unholy Strength
Cost : 200 150  Research Time:  75
Requires : Halls of the Dead
Damage Dice Bonus : 2
Advanced Unholy Strength
Cost : 275 250  Research Time:  90
Requires : Black Citadel
Damage Dice Bonus : 3

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.30.0 Buff Meat Wagons' Disease Cloud damage increased from 1 to 2 per second.
Neutral Exhume Corpses generates Crypt Fiend corpse instead of Ghoul corpse.
Neutral Meat Wagons' Disease Cloud duration reduced from 120 to 90 seconds.
1.19 Buff Exhume Corpses research now costs 75 gold / 50 lumber down from 125 gold/ 100 lumber.
1.15 Neutral Exhume Corpses now requires Halls of the Dead instead of Black Citadel.