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For the Bulgarian player, see Moon (Bulgarian player).
[e][h]Night Elf Moon
Moon at BetBoom Classic 2024
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Jang Jae-ho
December 14, 1986 (age 37)
Night Elf
Alternate IDs:
The Fifth Race
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Earnings 2024:
MBC Sonokong Prime League II MBC LandCinema Prime League V World eSports Games 2005 - Season I World eSports Games 2005 - Season II MBC Game Warcraft League China Korea Cyber Games 2005 Stars War II Trans-Atlantic Showdown WarCraft III Champions League - Season IX NGL-One - Season 1 (Regular Season) NGL-One - Season 1 (Finals) International Electronic Sports Tournament 2006 K-SWISS MBC Game Warcraft 3 World War I NGL-One - Season 2 (Regular Season) GameX K-SWISS MBC Game Warcraft 3 World War II World Series of Video Games 2007 K-SWISS MBC Game Warcraft 3 World War III K-SWISS MBC Game Warcraft 3 World War Summer Grand Prix NGL-One - Season 3 (Finals) Digital Life 2007 Am International Electronic Sports Tournament 2007 PGL Season II NGL-One - Season 4 (Finals) WarCraft III Champions League - Season XIII Blizzard WorldWide Invitational - 2008 International e-Sports Festival 2008 Intel Challenge Cup - 2008 World e-Sports Games: e-Stars 2009 Continental Cup WarCraft III Champions League - Season XVI NGL-One - Solo League World e-Sports Games: e-Stars 2010 King of the Game International e-Sports Festival 2011 PGL Summer 2016 Warcraft Gold League - 2018 - Winter H & W China vs Korea Masters DreamHack Open - 2020 - Anaheim NeXT 2020 Summer World Cyber Games - 2020 (Team)
2003-??-?? – 20??-??-??
2004-??-?? – 2005-??-??
2005-03-09 – 2005-05-03
2006-02-01 – 2009-01-29
2009-03-02 – 2011-08-31
2012-01-17 – 2012-12-17
2013-??-?? – 201?-??-??
2021-01-28 - 2022-01-07
2022-01-07 - present

Jang "Moon" Jae-ho (born December 14, 1986) is a professional Korean Night Elf player, currently playing for DRX.


During his peak, Moon's innovative Night Elf strategies prompted the community to label him as the 'Fifth Race', since his revolutionary Night Elf play was distinguishable from that of the other races. From 2010 to January 2012, he has developed into a hybrid StarCraft II and Warcraft III player, competing in major events on both games. Moon eventually switched to a full-time StarCraft II practice in January 2012, as he joined Fnatic.[4] He then parted ways with them December 11, 2012.[5]

The prize money Moon earned in Warcraft III exceed $600,000 USD, while his StarCraft II earnings are approximately $26,000 USD.[6] In August 2013, The Daily Dot listed him - only Warcraft player - as 10th greatest players in esports history behind Jaedong, Fatal1ty, f0rest, Daigo, Boxer, GeT_RiGhT, Flash, Faker and N0Tail.[7]

Moon finished his mandatory military service in late 2015, and has returned to play Warcraft III professionally.


  • Moon played Terran at first in StarCraft II, but has switched to Zerg.
  • He broke his right arm one day before the NGL-One - Season 1 Finals but was still able to win three of his four matches.
  • Won eSports Award eSports Player of the Year 2008.
  • Listed by The Daily Dot as one of the 10 greatest players in eSports history in August 2013 and was the highest-ranking Warcraft player on the list. The top 10 also included BoxeR, Flash and Grubby.[8]
  • He was inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame on June 20, 2019.[9]
  • He's a first player to earn over $600,000 in tournament winnings.
  • His Chinese name is 张宰怙.
  • Twisted Meadows were nicknamed "Moon Meadows" after his mass expansion strategy.

Weekly Cups[edit]

Series 1st 2ndEarnings (USD)
InGame Warcraft Cup InGame Warcraft Cup611,430.12
Zotac Cup Zotac Cup2-274.11


2019-05-261stTier 1H & W China vs Korea MastersH & W China vs Korea Masters3 : 1$14,491.34
2016-07-241stTier 1PGL Summer 2016PGL Summer 20163 : 1$15,003.94
2008-12-071stTier 1International e-Sports Festival 2008International e-Sports Festival 2008
Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers
2 : 1$11,721.82
2008-01-271stTier 1PGL Season IIPGL Season II
Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers
3 : 0$11,116.16
2007-10-211stTier 1International Electronic Sports Tournament 2007International Electronic Sports Tournament 2007
Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers
3 : 1$21,399.89
2007-07-291stTier 1K-SWISS MBC Game Warcraft 3 World War Summer Grand PrixK-SWISS MBC Game Warcraft 3 World War Summer Grand Prix
Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers
3 : 2$21,708.19
2007-03-111stTier 1GameXGameX
Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers
3 : 2$38,125.69
2006-12-121stTier 1International Electronic Sports Tournament 2006International Electronic Sports Tournament 2006
Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers
3 : 1$20,434.46
2005-07-011stTier 1World eSports Games 2005 - Season IIWorld eSports Games 2005 - Season II
One GamingOne Gaming
3 : 2$20,000
2005-03-201stTier 1World eSports Games 2005 - Season IWorld eSports Games 2005 - Season I
One GamingOne Gaming
3 : 0$20,000
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