Movement Speed

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Movement Speed is a measure of how fast a unit, hero or ancient moves.

Each unit, hero and ancient has a set movement speed that can be increased by upgrades or using abilities, auras and items.

The movement speed can be reduced, if the unit or hero is Slowed.

Movement Speed Table[edit]

Description Movement Speed
Very Slow 0 - 175
Slow 176 - 220
Normal 221 - 280
Fast 281 - 350
Very Fast > 350

Hero Movement Speed[edit]

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead Neutral
Average (290) Mountain King Tauren Chieftain Dreadlord Naga Sea Witch
Paladin Lich Pandaren Brewmaster
link=[Crypt Lord Crypt Lord Tinker
Fast (300) Blood Mage Pit Lord
Fast (320) Archmage Demon Hunter Blademaster Death Knight Dark Ranger
Keeper of the Grove Far Seer Firelord
Priestess of the Moon Shadow Hunter Beastmaster


Movement Speed Limit[edit]

Most units have their movement speed capped at 400. Abilities and items cannot increase a unit's movement speed over that limit. For example Unholy Aura can raise Gargoyle's movement speed only up to 400.

There are two exception to this rule:

Both have a maximum movement speed of 522.


  • Chemical Rage doesn't increase Alchemist's Movement Speed and Attack Speed. In fact the Alchemist is only replaced by a unit with a higher base movement and attack speed. This also means that the +60 movement speed bonus from Boots of Speed is not affected by the +40% movement speed of Chemical rage but rather added to the new base movement speed of 406.

Status Effects affecting Movement Speed[edit]