New WarCraft 3 League - Season 18 - Division 2

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[e][h]New WarCraft 3 League - Season 18 - Division 2
League Information
Game Version:
Regular season: round robin
Playoffs: single elimination
Tie format:
4x 1vs1 (Bo3)
1x 2vs2 (Bo3)
Prize pool:
$ 0 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Participants Breakdown
Number of Players:
Number of Teams:
1v1 map pool
2v2 map pool

New WarCraft 3 League - Season 18 is an international team league.

Here is the division 2.


Find the complete tournaments rules here.

Match system[edit]

Each encounter between teams consists of 5 series (matches between players):

  • 4x 1vs1, played as Bo3;
  • 1x 2vs2, played as Bo3.

Granted points depend on the score:

  • 2-0: the winning side gets 3 points, the losers none;
  • Otherwise, each won map rewards with 1 point.

Regular season[edit]

The regular season consists of one group stage:

  • Round robin (all teams face each other once);
  • Points based ranking, in case of tie, the direct encounter determine the best team,
  • top 2 of each group advance to the playoffs.


The 4 team remaining face in a single elimination bracket:

  • no match for third place,
  • semi-finals played on March 28th,
  • final played on ....

Prize pool[edit]





Group stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

SP4RTANS 2nd squadSP4RTANS 2nd squad6-98-715-012-313-210-5
Power RangersPower Rangers9-613-215-015-013-213-2
Underground KingsUnderground Kings7-82-1314-16-913-29-6
Eternal FaithEternal Faith3-120-159-611-410-512-3
Les ReprouvesLes Reprouves2-132-132-139-65-107-8
The Bloodthirsty WarriorsThe Bloodthirsty Warriors5-102-136-911-43-128-7
SP4RTANS 2nd squadSP4RTANS 2nd squadPower RangersPower RangersUnderground KingsUnderground KingsFrenchCraftFrenchCraftEternal FaithEternal FaithLes ReprouvesLes ReprouvesThe Bloodthirsty WarriorsThe Bloodthirsty Warriors
Group A
 # TeamTeamEMPts
1st Power RangersPower Rangers Power Rangers 6-0 51-10 76
2nd SP4RTANS 2nd squadSP4RTANS 2nd squad SP4RTANS 2nd squad 5-1 49-22 64
3rd Underground KingsUnderground Kings Underground Kings 3-3 37-30 51
4th Eternal FaithEternal Faith Eternal Faith 4-2 33-35 45
5th The Bloodthirsty WarriorsThe Bloodthirsty Warriors The Bloodthirsty Warriors 2-4 28-39 33
6th Les ReprouvesLes Reprouves Les Reprouves 1-5 23-45 28
7th FrenchCraftFrenchCraft FrenchCraft 0-6 13-53 15
  • Details results can be find here.

Group B[edit]

Rocket BeansRocket Beans12-39-611-411-415-015-0
Emo 1337Emo 13373-125-1010-58-715-015-0
Sun GamingSun Gaming6-910-512-314-114-114-1
InFernales AcademyInFernales Academy4-115-103-129-615-015-0
War3lovers GamingWar3lovers Gaming0-150-151-140-151-1410-5
Power Rangers AcademyPower Rangers Academy0-150-151-140-150-155-10
Rocket BeansRocket BeansEmo 1337Emo 1337Sun GamingSun GamingInFernales AcademyInFernales Academysp4rtanssp4rtansWar3lovers GamingWar3lovers GamingPower Rangers AcademyPower Rangers Academy
Group B
 # TeamTeamEMPts
1st Rocket BeansRocket Beans Rocket Beans 6-0 53-15 73
2nd Sun GamingSun Gaming Sun Gaming 5-1 46-17 70
3rd Emo 1337Emo 1337 Emo 1337 4-2 40-24 56
4th InFernales AcademyInFernales Academy InFernales Academy 3-3 36-30 51
5th sp4rtanssp4rtans sp4rtans 2-4 35-33 47
6th War3lovers GamingWar3lovers Gaming War3lovers Gaming 1-5 9-48 12
7th Power Rangers AcademyPower Rangers Academy Power Rangers Academy 0-6 5-57 6
  • Details results can be find here.


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